Foot Problems? Incredible DIY Foot Care Solutions


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Staying beautiful means that you need to look great from head to toe. Many people neglect their feet when they are beautifying themselves. Your feet are just as important as your face. You should give them the same care and attention as you would any other part of your body. If your feet are dry or painful, you need to make sure that you take care of them. There are many ways to ensure that you have smooth, healthy feet. Doing so will mean that your feet are sandal ready at a moment’s notice. Here are some incredible tips to keep your feet looking and feeling healthy all year round.

Make A DIY Foot Scrub

You can buy foot scrubs from many chemists and online, but why not make your own? Creating a foot scrub is a cheap alternative to paying expensive prices. Make a sugar foot scrub, using coarse brown sugar as a base. Add olive oil to loosen the grains of sugar and turn the mixture into a scrub. You can then add a variety of healthy ingredients to complete the scrub. One of the best ingredients is coconut oil, as this creates a rejuvenating scrub. Use the scrub after you shower to get rid of dry skin on the soles of your feet.

Use Ice To Relieve Pain

If you have inflamed or painful feet, try using ice to cool your feet down and relieve the pain. You can make an ice pack using some ice cubes and a cloth to put on your feet. Often you get painful feet when you stand for long periods during the day. If that is the case, your feet should stop hurting with a little ice. If you often have painful feet, you might suffer from plantar fascia ( If you think you suffer from this problem, seek medical help.

Trim Toenails Before You Paint

As part of your beauty regime, you likely paint both your fingernails and your toenails. When you do so, it is vital that you remember to cut your toenails. There is a knack to cutting nails the right way. Make sure that you cut the nail in a straight line. Many people make the mistake of trying to follow their toe-line when the cut their nails. Doing so will give an uneven nail and mean that as the nail grows, it jabs you in the foot. That can lead to all sorts of medical issues. Cut the nail straight across to avoid this problem.

Exfoliate On A Regular Basis

When you have dry skin on the soles of your feet, you will find that your feet often hurt. The best way to solve this problem is to exfoliate your feet on a regular basis. You can do so using a foot scrub (as I mentioned earlier) or a special exfoliation tool. One of the best tools for exfoliation is a natural bristle brush. You can buy these online or even use a toothbrush instead. Use a brush to scrape away old, dead skin cells. Doing so will allow new skin cells to breathe. Your feet will feel much healthier when you exfoliate them on a regular basis.

Always Dry Your Feet Well

After you wash, it is vital that you dry your feet. Many people are lazy when it comes to drying their feet and put their shoes on whilst their feet are still wet. Doing so could cause a range of problems. You could get infections or diseases on your feet if you don’t dry them. Take the time to exfoliate, dry and moisturize your feet before you put your shoes on each time.

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