Beauty and Your Butt, Soft is Important


In Jergens’ new ad campaign for their various skin moisturizing products, they let spokeswoman Leslie Mann riff on all the ways that dry skin is not nice at all. She reminds us, with a comedic timing and wit that can only be mentioned here, that healthy soft skin isn’t only important on the face, it’s important on the butt too. And it’s true. Everybody likes a nice butt, the softer the skin the better. We live in a butt-centric time. Just listen to pop music, and you’ll realize that the butt is to 2015 what the breasts were to 1995. Butts are in, and women aren’t just looking for bigger, rounder, and more buoyant. They want the skin beneath the fabric to be soft and moisturized, for whoever else gets access to that butt to enjoy. A butt with healthy skin is a happy, healthy butt, one of life’s simple pleasures.

Leslie also talks about some of the other ways that healthy, Jergens-y, skin is better than the alternative. Spoiler alert: we’re going to cover a little of the material that you’ll find in the video itself, so go ahead and watch the thing if you want to hear the punchlines from Leslie’s lips, at least for the first time. For those still reading, Mann talks about heels so dry that they pick up little pieces of fluff from the carpet. She also talks about legs so dry that they look like churros. You know…the crispy crunchy cinnamon/sugar fair food that’s so dry it’ll crack in half easier than a #2 pencil? You don’t want skin anywhere on your body to be that dry. And all you have to do is get some Jergens, and apply liberally. Love your skin and it will love you, and your butt.

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