What Size of Breast Implants Are Right For You?


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Women who are contemplating breast implants do so for a number of reasons. They may have been born with smaller breasts or they may have had a medical condition, such as breast cancer, that caused them to have one, or both of their breasts removed. If you are a woman who has made the decision that you want to have your breasts enlarged, you are also going to have other decisions to make. One of those questions is just how big do you want to go? This is an important question to ask yourself. Before you settle on a specific size, take into account the following points.

Consider your Body Shape and Type

One misconception women looking to get breast implants make is that what looks good on one woman will look good on all women. This is simply not true. Every person’s body is different. We all have a different body shape. If you are looking to get breast implants, you need to consider the shape of your body.

Do you have narrow hips, a small frame, or do you have broader hips and broad shoulders. If you have a body shape that is petite to begin with opting for excessively large breasts will not look natural and could result in extreme back pain. Women with smaller body shapes that decided to go too large for their small frame tend to end up returning to their doctor for a breast reduction.

Taking into account what your body can physically handle, with regard to your breast size, is important. Going through the process of getting breast implants involves sedation and surgery. If you rush into getting breasts that are either too small or too large, you may find yourself going under the knife a second time, unnecessarily to amend your previous decision. This is especially true if you decide to go too large, as many women end up suffering from back pain due to heavy, oversized breasts.

Consider your Age

Many women forget to consider their age as a factor when they are looking to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Age is of incredible importance when making the decision about enlarging the breasts as well as deciding on the size. If you are a woman that intends to have children and plan on breast-feeding, you may want to wait until after you have given birth. The reason behind waiting is that a woman’s breasts can enlarge during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Once breast-feeding is complete, the breasts can shrink in size.

If you are a woman who is planning to have kids, you may want to consider doing so after the fact. For some women who have babies, the hormones related to the pregnancy naturally enlarge the breasts, and there is no need for surgery.

The Rice Trick

One method that women use to help them determine what size breasts to get, in addition to checking out the different size samples their doctor can share, is the rice trick. Get two baggies and fill each one with one cup of rice, which is the equivalent to 235 cc. Put the baggies in your bra and wear them for a day to see if you are comfortable with the weight and the size. This simple method can help determine how large you want to go with your implants. Your surgeon should also be able to help you with your sizing and may loan you dummy implants to wear inside of your bra to give an idea of the size. Just be sure to choose a reputable clinic and not a bargain cosmetic surgeon overseas.

Before you rush into making a decision regarding how large you want your breast implants, take into consideration your age, as well as the size and shape of your body. Paying attention to each of these can prevent unnecessary repeat surgeries.

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