Our Best Styling Tips for Plus-Size Apple Shapes


Finally, plus-size fashion now gets the recognition it deserves. More brands than ever before are beginning to realise that curvier women still want clothing that makes them look and feel great. However, there are still some women who are unsure about how to dress for their shape. We believe that the first step is to understand what shape you are.

Are you an apple shape?

An apple shape is usually defined by narrow shoulders and hip with a wider waistline. If you have this body shape, you might often feel frustrated at how difficult it is to find clothing that fits you in all of the right places. You’ll probably be well accustomed to tops that feel too tight at the waist, or trousers that tend to sag at the hips. Unfortunately, this is because most clothing styles are made for narrow waistlines and wider hips, but luckily we have some top tips to help you create a more proportional look.


Look out for: dress styles that can help to balance out the body from the waist. With an undefined waist, you’ll want to find a looser style that can help to hide this area. In that case, A-line dresses and empire waist styles that will flare slightly above the waist are always a sound style choice. Dresses that have lower necklines will draw the eye up from the best, whether it is a v-neck, sweetheart or cowl neck.

Avoid: dresses that have detail on the waistline as these will only draw attention to the area and make it appear bulkier.


Look out for: tops that will accentuate your bust rather than smother it. As with dresses, tops with lower cut necklines will draw the eye up from your midsection. Many women who are apple-shaped will have a shorter midsection meaning that they’ll appear more compact up top. To remedy this, look for longer tops that drop just past your hips as these will elongate and ultimately slim your body.

Avoid: anything that’s incredibly form-fitting or has lots of detail around the waist. With your shape, your waist is probably your largest area so you might also want to stay clear of tops that sit above the hips on those days when you’re not feeling too confident about your figure.


Look out for: pants that can help you balance out your waist such as boot cut or flared jeans. If your legs are your best feature, show them off in a pair of skinny jeans or trousers that have a mid-rise waist so you’ll get the best coverage without having to worry about the dreaded “muffin top”. For skirts, flared, A-line or pleated styles will give you more shape in the hip area.

Avoid: low-rise bottoms that will do nothing but emphasise a wide waist, and if you have shorter legs, a maxi dress might not be the most flattering option for you. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out sites that are specifically tailored to plus-size figures such as Ashleigh Plus Size. 

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