Boost Your Weight Loss With These Awesome Hacks

Let’s face it. Losing weight is never easy. Yet it takes virtually no effort to gain weight! None of us enjoys having to face up to needing to lose a few pounds. It’s hard work and requires a lot of sacrifices. Extra exercise and changes to our diets require commitment and tenacity. And it takes time. But you can speed up your weight loss with a few simple ideas and lifestyle hacks.

Start tracking your weight at least once a week. You can use any one of several great diet apps. Alternatively, why not use an activity tracker to record your progress? The latest fitness bands and sports watches can synch up with several different apps at once. This means you can record your food intake, activity and even your mood on a moment by moment basis. Having it all there in an easy to read chart can help motivate you to keep up the good work.


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Many people give their weight loss a kick start with a detox. Cleansers and metabolism quickeners are ideal for people who want to see results quickly. Using things like iaso tea can help you lose some weight at the start of your weight loss program to inspire you to put in the work for continued success. Other detox ideas include fruit smoothies and fasting. If you have medical conditions, it is best to consult your doctor before any major changes to your diet.

One pound of fat is a whopping 3500 calories. You would have to burn off 3500 extra calories in a week if you wanted to lose that one pound of weight. This equates to 500 calories of exercise each day. You can use apps or activity websites to see what combination of activities will add up to 500 calories. Of course, if you are eating fewer calories than your resting burn, you will not need to do as much to reach this target.

It’s important to balance carefully the calories going in and the amount you are burning through exercise. If you eat too few, you can feel faint, dizzy and unwell. You’ll feel hungry and might not be able to stick to your diet plan. If you eat too many calories, all your exercise efforts may be in vain. You can calculate your minimum calorie requirements using an app or website. You will need to know your current height and weight.

When it comes to staying motivated, visualizing your results in your mind might not be enough. We all want to see results. Take two empty jars. Label one up as ‘pounds to go’, and the other as ‘pounds I’ve burned’. If your weight loss goal is 30 pounds, pop 30 pebbles or marbles into the ‘pounds to go’ jar. Each time you weigh in a pound lighter, you can move one marble to the ‘pounds I’ve burned’ jar. This helps you see results clearly and easily, no matter what you’re wearing.

Feeling hungry is one of the hardest feelings to take and not act upon. Hunger leaves us reaching for all those foods we shouldn’t be touching. Vegetables contain almost no calories or fat. You can snack on raw carrots, celery, cucumber and peppers at any time. Add a salad to your lunch, and fill your plate with vegetables in the evening. You’ll then be able to eat more without damaging your diet at all. You’ll feel fuller, and you’ll be getting plenty of vitamins and minerals to support your health.

One of the easiest ways to burn calories and improve your fitness is to walk. Swap out any car journeys of two miles or under for a walk. When you take into account traffic jams and parking problems, you may even get there quicker! Walking briskly gets your heart rate up to improve your circulation. A slower walk means you are active for longer. These are great ways to burn calories and boost your weight loss.


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Housework is another good way to boost your weight loss. It is a physically demanding task. If you can dust, vacuum and iron every day, you will be boosting your calorie burn and weight loss. It’s quite a good workout!

Sometimes your weight just won’t shift. Using one of these boosters can help it get going again. Can you get up half an hour earlier or swap out half an hour of TV time in the evening? This extra 30 minutes can be used to burn off even more calories to boost that weight loss. Best of all, you’ll be getting fitter and healthier with each minute.


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