Choose the Best Anti-Aging Sunscreen

Let’s face it, we all love the sun! There’s nothing like the summer months, when we get out and about in the warm and wonderful weather, and we long for those days in the cold of winter. The only problem is that too much exposure to the sun can be damaging to the skin. This is why it is advisable to wear sunscreen when you spend time in the sun for any length of time.

Too much exposure to bright sunlight, and the UV rays that it includes, can make the skin age prematurely, and can also be a cause of skin cancer in extreme cases. Sunscreen has been developed in a big way over the years, with many new formulas coming onto the market, and now you can buy natural sunscreen, which makes a lot of sense if you want to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

What is Natural Sunscreen?

Let’s start by talking about why you should use natural, rather than synthetic, sunscreen. The primary reason is that the ingredients in natural products will not include any allergens. This means allergic reactions will be averted. Also, such products are better for the skin, especially if you consider using anti-aging sunscreen, such as Wotnot 30SPF Anti-Aging Sunscreen, a popular product with many benefits.

Cleverly researched and concocted, the Wotnot product contains one major active ingredient: zinc oxide. This is a highly protective element, and as the product is designed for use on the face, it is the perfect choice for protection against UV-A and UV-B rays, and is also very gentle on the skin. Also included is organic jojoba oil, which helps keep the skin hydrated, plus organic aloe vera and extract of green tea, which are both included to nourish the skin and brighten the tone.

Daily Use

Anti-aging sunscreen products such as the Wotnot example are designed for daily use, and this one is 30SPF. This stands for ‘sun protection factor’ and 30 is the rating of this example. For the record, a 30SPF cream such as this one will filter out 96.7% of the harmful radiation from the sun. It is essential to understand, however, that no sunscreen can be 100% effective, and the results will differ between individuals.

For example, for someone with fair skin – that which would generally burn in, say, 5 minutes in the sun – a factor 30 sunscreen will provide you with 30 x 5minutes of protection. However, care needs to be taken when trusting such figures, as the effect of any sunscreen – no matter how powerful – can be reduced considerably thanks to perspiration and will rub off in time.

Using a natural product means that you get the benefits of sunscreen protection and anti-aging properties, but without any of the risk associated with some of the chemically enhanced alternatives. We recommend you check out natural sunscreen now so that you can choose the product that will successfully protect you from harm, and that will keep your skin young-looking, healthy and fresh.

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