Great Ideas for a Girls Night In

Who doesn’t like to spend time painting the town red with their friends? However, while we are still in the cold heart of winter, the thought of leaving the comfort and warmth of our homes is not as thrilling. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you and the girls can’t and shouldn’t get together. However, it does mean that you may have think of alternatives. That’s where we are going to help, because in the following post, that is exactly what we are talking about – great ideas for an awesome girl’s night in. So awesome that you won’t regret being at home and not partying all night at that nightclub.

Have a Movie Night

Why not bring the cinema to your front room? Whether you buy one of those movies you all have been waiting to see or watch a classic, there are so many options nowadays that can enhance the experience of watching movies from the comfort of your own home. You could invest in an affordable high-quality projector or, make use of that Netflix or Amazon subscription or just cracking open old favourites from your DVD or Blu-Ray collection.

Turn the lights down low, shush anyone talking and make a whole lot of cheesy nachos and popcorn so that you can all feel like you are actually at the cinema and not just at home.

Pampering Fun

Why not take transform your home into a salon temporarily for the evening and invite your girlfriends to bring along their favourite beauty treatments and equipment. You could all take turns in waxing each other, trying out different lotions and moisturisers. This is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day or week at work and gives you ladies the chance to catch-up and enjoy a bottle of wine or two.

Who Can Say No to a Good Slice of Pizza?

Well, apart from those people on a low-carb or carb-free diet, we don’t really think there is anyone who can resist the soft and chewy cheesy charm of a slice of pizza. However, pizza can be rather expensive these, especially if you order online from one of the chains with their inflated prices. Even if you opted for a local Pizzaria using an online booking service, you may find that the restaurant themselves are hit bit huge fees for the privilege of using the service.

This is why so many people are choosing services like SliceLife. Not only do they keep the fees low so that pizzerias are supported rather than conned, but it means you have an easy and fast way to order your favourite pizza. The great thing about this suggestion is that you can combine it with the others mentioned on this list too for an even better girl’s night in.

Turn the Music Up and Bring the Nightclub Home

If you and your gal pals like to dance the night away, who says you have to go to a nightclub in the middle of town on these cold, dark nights? Why not just make up some killer playlists and turn the music up loud? Remember, you might have to compromise with your neighbours, or at least give them warning. Failing that, you could also invite them to the most select nightclub in town.

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