Choosing your Baby’s Perfect Winter Coat or Snowsuit


It is very important to keep your baby nice and cosy during the winter months, especially when venturing outside with them. The perfect way to do this is to purchase a winter coat or a snowsuit, of which can be purchased in a range of different designs, styles and colours. As there is such a wide range of options for you to choose from, we have created a guide to help you make the right decision, so that all you need to do is worry about which one is the cutest.

Baby Snowsuits vs Winter Coats

A baby snowsuit is considered to be one of the warmest items of clothing on the market for babies, although they might not be the most practical option. Parents may find difficulties when it comes to changing their baby’s nappies, whereas a winter coat would be much easier to take off and put back on. As well as this, a big snowsuit may not fit into the car seat during car journeys, and may even prove to be too hot on longer car rides. However, a winter coat may not be as warm as a snowsuit during their time outdoors, and certainly won’t provide the full body protection against the cold weather like the snowsuits do. Baby snowsuits are of course more suited to children during the early stages of their lives, but there are also winter coats that are designed specifically for their early months too. When it comes to bed time, winter sleepsuits are also useful as they can help to keep you baby warm during those cold winter nights, helping them to have a good nights’ sleep.

Whatever product you choose, the most important thing to consider is when and where you are likely to use the item, as this will be a big indication of which product you should choose. For those looking to spend a lot of time outdoors, a snowsuit may be the best option, whereas for those that are likely to be in and out of the car seat a lot, a winter coat may well be perfect.

The Comfort of your Child

The sizing of a winter coat really does matter and can make a big difference to how comfortable your child feels. When buying a winter coat for a slightly older child, you should look to choose one that is one size bigger than the rest of their clothes as this means that you will be able to use it for a longer period of time. It is always a good idea to buy coats that are slightly bigger as it gives your child the ability to grow into them, but it is also important to not buy a size too big as it could just be uncomfortable and irritating for them.

It is also important for you to consider the weight of the coat, as movement can be restricted for young children wearing thick winter coats, which again will cause them to feel uncomfortable. Getting the balance right between a bigger size and a coat that isn’t too heavy is essential, particularly as the child needs to be warm, but their comfort is also just as important.

If you are likely to be in the car quite regularly, then a thinner winter coat may be the better option for your child. Not only will a thinner coat be safer in terms of allowing your child to safely fit into the car seat, but a bigger coat may prove to be uncomfortable. This may mean that you have to remove the coat each and every time you travel in the car, so a thinner alternative may prove to be much better all round.

Keeping your Child Fastened Up

Choosing the right fastener is very important on your quest to find the perfect winter coat or snowsuit, as an easy fastening could make your life much easier by helping to get the item on or off of your baby with ease. As well as this, when buying for a toddler that may be slightly more independent and will want to put their own coat on, it is important to look for fastens that they and their little hands can deal with. This does make your life easier once again, but also keeps your little one happy and feeling as though they have been able to do something all by themselves.

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