Why TYLT Should Be Your Go-To E-Tailer for All Your Wireless Needs


It is easy to see the pros of TYLT’s wireless products if you have ever used the wireless bluetooth speakers or wireless phone charger from TYLT.  Anything that lets you charge your devices wirelessly is a boon to digital nomads and perennially plugged-in millennials.  Any wireless charger will make your life easier, but TYLT products go a step beyond.  Here is what you can gain from relying on TYLT for your wireless charging products:

The Biggest Selection of General and Specific Chargers

The fact that every generation of smartphone comes with it own set of accessories certainly keeps Santa’s elves busy, but it can be annoying for consumers.  With TYLT, you can find wireless chargers that will charge almost any kind of smartphone or tablet.  Not only do they not require a wire that is compatible with a specific type of iPhone, they do not require a wire at all.  Chargers like the orb will work with any kind of iPhone.

Of course, if someone in your life has a new iPhone X that is their pride and joy, you can also find TYLT products that make the iPhone X look even more special.  TYLT has products for people who like to get new chargers every holiday season, too.

Not Just Chargers

TYLT made its name with wireless phone chargers, but it also has other kinds of phone accessories.  You can find TYLT earbuds and speaker docks that can make your phone as loud or quiet as you like.

These days, most of the recipients of your holiday gifts have smartphones.  The TYLT website is the ideal place to find gifts for them.  From practical gifts to flashy accessories, TYLT has something for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

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