Cleansing Devices: Should You Be Using One?


When it comes to cleansing your skin, which method to you prefer? Perhaps you like to go the simple “soap and fingers” route, or you like to work it in with a facial cloth. Or perhaps you have found a cleansing device you have fallen in love with, like fan favorite, Clarisonic. The question of whether or not you should be using one is typically a factor in the decision-making-process for purchasing one, and we are going to review the arguments for and against in today’s post!

For: They Help You Cleanse More Deeply – This is absolutely true. The Clarisonic in particular has been shown to cleanse 6x better than hands alone, leaving your skin fresh and ready for whatever follow-up products you have waiting post-cleanse. Clean skin absorbs product more easily, meaning your skin care will work better after cleansing with this particular skin-cleansing device.

Against: It is Pricey – While this is 100% true, many people like to view it as an investment in their skin. Your average skin cleansing device can range anywhere from $99-$299, and while this may seem daunting, you can weigh the many options that come along with it. Good devices will come with a warranty, meaning it will last you a certain (promised) amount of time. Also, given that it helps your products absorb (and thus perform) better, you could argue that it is boosting the value of your skin care products. Lastly, the variety of different brush heads offered by Clarisonic allows you to buy one device for the household, so long as everyone has their own brush head!

For: Exfoliates the Skin – While you can use an exfoliating product without a cleansing brush, how many of you can say that exfoliation is built into your “soap and fingers” cleansing routine? The beauty of cleansing devices is that you will always get a gentle level of exfoliation, even when you are using basic cleanser that are not designed to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation helps to aid in a process called cellular turnover, which is critical for preventing and reversing the signs of aging.

Against: It Is Not Hygienic – It is important to remember that warm, moist places are a playground for bacteria. But you use a toothbrush, correct? Much like your toothbrush, you simply need to know when the right time to replace your brush head will occur. Similarly, you can give them a nice, deep clean throughout the week to ensure maximum safety.  So long as you are taking the proper steps to sanitize and replace your brush head at the right time, cleansing devices are a very safe and effective way to keep your skin looking polished and beautiful.

For: Prevent and Diminish Acne – Any acne sufferer knows that cleansing is key in the fight against blemishes. Cleansing brushes are fantastic at unplugging pores, removing dirt, makeup and debris from the skin, and prepping the skin for better absorption of your anti-acne products.

The Key – The key to finding the right brush for you is simple: do your research. Ask your local esthetician or dermatologist what they recommend, and branch out on the Internet to really learn about the products you are investigation.

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