Essential Beauty Items to Pack for a Tropical Island Holiday

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Now that you have booked your air tickets and rented a villa, all that’s left is to prepare the luggage and head for the beach holiday of your dream. Along with summer beach clothes, you will need beauty products to ensure the usual gorgeous look. It’s good to keep in mind that the destination you are going to may be hotter and more humid than your hometown. This may affect the choice of beauty products you are going to travel with. Regardless, here’s a list of essential items you need to have for a beach holiday as well as some tips to help you select necessary makeup items.


Let’s start with ensuring a perfect canvas.

  1. Cleansing products

It’s always important to maintain clean and healthy skin, so bring along your usual cleansing essentials. You can extract them to small travel bottles to save space.

  1. Moisturiser

If you have oily skin, it will become worse under the hot and humid weather. Bring along oil-controlling moisturiser to keep your face from being shiny.

  1. Sunscreen

A beach holiday means plenty of beach time (obviously). Make sure you pack enough sunscreen to protect yourself from the merciless sun. If you plan to spend lots of time by the beach, ensure that your sunscreen is water-resistant. You may also bring along another type which is more lightweight for days not spent under the water. Water-resistant cream can be a little bit sticky. But if you can find one that’s water-resistant, non-sticky and lightweight, then one is enough.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Overcooking yourself? Apply Aloe Vera gel on the sunburnt area to soothe the pain and heal the skin faster. The gel does wonders!

  1. Body lotion

Your skin can get a bit dry after swimming too much. Bring along your good old body lotion to bring back the moisture and ensure smooth, healthy skin.

  1. Lip balm

Find a moisturising lip balm that contains SPF. Your lips need to be protected from the sun too.

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Beauty products

In general, keep to your usual collection. You don’t need to invest in a whole new set of cosmetics just for a trip to the beach. However, here are a few tips to help you decide what to bring.

1. Make sure that they are waterproof. You are going to sweat a lot under the scorching sun, but you don’t want to look like a racoon.

2. You don’t want to feel stuffy. Bring products that have a lightweight, airy finish. Else, your face may get quite cakey and heavy.

3. Beware of liquid form. It’s still ok to wear liquid products, but you may want to pair them with a good setting powder. With the hot and humid weather, it’s easier for your make up to crease into fine lines.

4. Pack light and compact. A lot of these products come with bulky packaging, which takes up precious space in your luggage. Also, you may want to check if your liquid containers are within the 100ml limit.

5. Make use of multifunctional products. You don’t need to bring the entire vanity with you on a 7-day trip? When you are on the go, packing light is key. You can try to reduce the number of items and use one product in different ways to keep your makeup bag simple. For example, choose a buildable foundation which can double up as a concealer. Instead of packing both blush and lipsticks, try lip and cheek stain. Bring eyeshadow shades that can also be used as a highlighter, contour and eyebrow powder.

6. Last but not least, don’t forget waterproof makeup remover. At the end of the day, your skin needs to breathe. While you can most likely buy this at the destination, it’s just inconvenient to look for such miscellaneous items on a foreign land.

Now you are all set for a great holiday by the beach. Bon voyage!


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