Expert Help Buying Hermes Handbags

There are some fashion brands that, across the ages, have come to represent the ultimate in quality. When it comes to handbags, Hermes is without any doubt at all the brand that all women covet, and one that exudes style and sophistication. Exclusive and timeless, beautiful and carefully crafted, a Hermes handbag is the ultimate statement piece, and something that is simply a joy to own and use.

For those who cannot afford to buy a new Hermes handbag – and that’s most of us – the option remains to buy one second hand, at an online shop or auction. Even then, there may be that niggling doubt that you are not buying the genuine item. This is an area in which you have to be very careful, as sadly, fakes abound, and many of them are very good indeed. How do you make sure that you are buying a genuine Hermes bag, before you go ahead and pay? You get expert help in the shape of Emily Berg at

Expert Authentication

Emily founded Hermesexperts in 2015 in order to help those buying the products ensure that they were getting the real deal. She has thorough knowledge of how to tell a fake from a genuine Hermes, and can do so via photographs. As time is of the essence – you want to know quickly so that nobody gets in there before you – she tries to return an authentication within 12 hours, and has helped many satisfied buyers so far.

Where this service differs to others is that all identifications are performed individually; only Emily Berg will handle the authentication, so you are assured that you will get the very best service available, and an expert eye that is trained to recognise the real product over the many very good fakes that are out there.

Peace of Mind

Whether you have found a Hermes bag that you want to buy – it may be that you can get it at a great price, but remember the old saying: if something looks too good to be true, it probably is – or you have one at home that you have doubts about or simply want authenticated, Hermesexperts can help, and you will find their rates very sensible.

It’s all about getting peace of mind and making sure that your money is being spent on something that will hold its value – or indeed appreciate in value – as a genuine Hermes handbag certainly will. It’s not just about the value, however; you buy Hermes because of the quality, beauty and grace, and no ‘replica’ or fake will ever give you the same satisfaction.

The trick is to be aware; check out sellers credentials before you commit, to see if others have bought similar from them, and don’t rush into a purchase in fear of losing out – there will be others for you to choose from. Most of all, get an expert authentication from It’s worth the small amount you will pay and you will have that added peace of mind.


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