The methods and principles of laser hair removal and photon hair removal

The principle of laser and Photon Beauty Gun Machine is not complicated. Hair growth cycle is divided into growth period, regression period, resting period (equivalent to human youth, middle age and old age) and cycle back and forth. In the growth period, the hair melanin content is the highest. At this time, through emitting the specific wavelength of light that melanin absorbs, so that melanin absorbs energy after heating. And then destroy the hair growth base – hair follicles, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting roots and completely remove hair. However, for hair in the regressive and resting period, melanin content is low, so there is almost no injury. Therefore, it is difficult to clean up at one time, and it takes several times to achieve the desired result.

According to the growth cycle of hair, it usually makes treatment 5-8 weeks, and it can achieve the desired results about 5 times. But the lighter and finer the hair color, the less sensitive it is to light, and the more times it is treated. Some of which require more than a dozen times to achieve satisfactory results. Specific hair removal machines, but also with hair removal parts have a certain relationship. For hair lighter parts (such as lip hair), it can be basically eradicated 1-2 times. For medium parts (limbs, etc.), it can be eradicated 5-6 times. For the heavier part of hair, such as the armpit, it can be removed within 1 years.

It can be inferred from time that it takes about 5-7 months from the beginning of the first hair removal to the end of the last hair removal. Therefore, the best time to start hair removal is around November. When the last hair removal is over, it is almost summer. In addition, sun protection after hair removal is also crucial. If the sun does not do a good job, it may cause erythema, inflammation and other symptoms of discomfort. In autumn and winter, UV intensity is much weaker, so it is easier to protect. So if you want to do hair removal, autumn and winter are the best starting seasons.

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