Finding Ways to Prevent Liver Diseases



One of the biggest solid organs in our bodies is the liver. To most of us, conditions such as liver failure do not cross our minds. It is a condition that happens gradually without you realizing it until symptoms start revealing themselves.

Doctors say that this is not the only form of liver damage that occurs. Acute liver damage needs only 48 hours to show itself and is not easy to detect. For this reasons, we will tell you what could cause liver failure and how you can prevent it. Find out more!

What does your liver do?

Your liver helps you digest food, store energy and get rid of toxins in your body. It performs these functions by generating bile which digests fat. It reduces hormones and helps your body store elements such as vitamins and minerals such as iron.

What can make your liver fail?

Long-term- liver damage can be caused by other conditions such as hepatitis B as well as an unhealthy lifestyle. Genetics is also a contributing factor where your body stores more than the expected amount of iron. Malnutrition can also cause long-term liver damage.

The causes of rapid liver failure range from overdosing form Tylenol, Hepatitis A, and C, reacting to herbal medicines or food poisoning to taking a wild mushroom.

What are the symptoms you should watch out for?

Since we have seen that the symptoms can take years before noticing, some of the early changes you should watch out for include nausea, the lack of appetite, diarrhea as well as fatigue.  There are also severe symptoms that include jaundice, swollen abdomen, drowsiness, bleeding and a coma.

How can you prevent liver damage?


Since hepatitis can lead to liver failure, early treatment can prevent that. You can also get immunoglobin that prevents hepatitis A and B.

Maintain hygiene

It is the small things like proper hygiene that make a big difference. If you are not in the habit of washing your hands regularly, you better start today. Regular washing of hands before meals prevents germ contamination.

Avoid handling blood

Do not get in contact with blood without the use of gloves. Avoiding bloody areas will keep you from germ contamination.

Avoid sharing personal items

Personal items should never be shared even with close family members. This includes toothbrushes, razors, or combs. They are more susceptible to passing infections which are not healthy for your liver.

Avoid substance abuse

All illegal substances can affect your liver.  Combining alcohol and Xanax is the worst mistake that some people make. Studies show that high consumption of drugs causes fatty liver conditions. Such substances cause malnutrition and toxicity in your body. They also increase the chances of inflammation of body organs which can lead to liver failure. Detox from Xanax today and save your liver as you prevent drug tolerance.

Take fewer carbohydrates

White bread and white rice raise your levels of insulin in the body. Thus can cause liver damage. Substituting white bread with brown bread is wise since it does not contain gluten. Brown rice can also regulate your insulin levels and prevent liver damage.

Avoid excess intake of sugar

Artificial sweeteners from your favorite soda or juice can cause liver diseases. Studies reveal that 12 ounce of soda contains about ten spoons of sugar. Scary right? Excess sugars make the liver unable to break it down completely in your body causing liver damage.

Reduce processed foods

Even though your favorite joint may indeed save you during lunch breaks, lots of processed foods are toxic to your body. Most meat has been found to contain high amounts of nitrate which can cause cancer. Processed food also includes fructose syrup which causes fatty liver diseases. You also consume high sugar and salt content from them.

Take organic foods

Replace processed foods with natural foods.  They have fewer toxins and chemicals meaning your liver stays healthy and functions accordingly. This healthy diet in combination with exercises can give you a long life with a healthy liver.

Include raw vegetables

Vegetables give you natural products that are nutritious to your body. Fruits and plant extracts prevent you from liver diseases and can also cure them. They may digestion easy and increase absorption of food. Buy vegetables such as beets, broccoli, lettuce, kales or celery. You can make smoothies from them and take them raw. Beetroot juice is highly recommended.

Look for ginger root

Ginger roots help your digestive system function effectively. It allows your body to get rid of toxins easily without straining your liver. You can use ginger roots in different ways for instance, incorporating them in green tea. You can also enrich your smoothie with ginger roots to gain more benefits from it.

Take sweet potatoes in the morning

Let your breakfast contain sweet potatoes instead of white bread and artificial cereals. They provide lots of potassium that facilitates in the cleansing of the liver. According to science, you get about 700 milligrams from consuming one sweet potato.

They also contain vitamin C, B6 as well as magnesium. The sugars in them slowly flow into your blood through your liver, so your blood sugar is not affected.

Look for milk thistle

Detoxify your liver with milk thistle which builds the cells of your liver as it gets rid of toxins. It can also facilitate mortality if you are suffering from liver failure. The high rate of pollution makes us breathe unhealthy chemicals from the atmosphere. We are also affected by heavy metals from our water supply. Milk thistle can reverse the effects of such substances in our bodies and protect us from liver diseases.

Take liver instead of beef

Cattle liver contains healthy vitamins, iron, zinc as well as chromium. Replace your roasted beef with liver that is more nutritious in your body. You can also get liver supplements that do not contain harsh chemicals from a pharmacy.

Final thoughts

Liver diseases may vary, but we can prevent them and control them by changing our lifestyle. Follow the tips above and prevent your liver from damage.  Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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