The Health Benefits Of An Indoor Water Fountain

Indoor water fountains are slowly gaining popularity in many homes today. These water features are not only used for décor but also help improve your home’s value. While having these water features may be breathtaking, many people do not realize the actual health benefits until they have invested in the same in their homes. Unlike most types of décor in your house, an indoor water fountain brings about many health benefits for the human body. This is part of the reasons why water features are gaining popularity in India. Some of the health benefits of investing in indoor water fountains (Aura Fountains) are outlined below.

  1. Provides Relaxation

Dealing with the hectic schedules of day to day life (for the working woman and man) can be tiring. Most people head home after their work shift feeling tired, with many not having any energy to do anything else. To many, the comfort of getting home and relaxing a bit is worth dying for. Although most people find peace within the four walls of their houses, having an indoor water fountain can make the experience even better. The soothing sounds of flowing/dripping water help brain cells to relax. It is by inducing a sense of relaxation that other body parts follow suit, thus making it easier to fall asleep faster. Try gazing into the flowing water as you sip a warm cup of green tea or coffee to experience the benefits. Do this everyday after work to see the difference.

  1. It Purifies The Air Around

The best thing with having indoor water features is that it helps purify the air by releasing negative ions into the environment. These ions attract positively charged ones, toxins, and other pollutants from the air. This leaves the air around cleaner. Breathing purified air gives your body the energy it needs to battle other stresses of life. This is because body cells get enough oxygenated blood, which is free of toxins. Having an indoor water fountain in your house, therefore, contributes significantly to air quality and how you handle stress. You can note the difference after coming from work all stressed and tired. Once you get home, the clean air in the house helps your system regain positive energy, thus easing the stress in no time. Breathing the fresh air, and learning to manage stress effectively, thanks to the water fountain, are some of the reasons you too should consider investing in one.

  1. Help You Fight Stress And Depression

In the fast-paced world and everyone striving to make ends meet, many people find themselves overwhelmed with the numerous responsibilities and busy work schedules. Unless one knows how to manage his or her life well, many people get depressed with stress setting in even at a tender age. Work-related stress is one of the most significant causes of depression in many people today. If not managed properly, anxiety and depression can lead to many other fatal health conditions including low/high blood pressure, migraines, diabetes, etc. Although meditating may help you manage stress, simply having a water fountain your house, or office can help you manage/handle stress more effectively. This is because indoor water fountains release negative ions into the air cleansing it, and the sounds of trickling water have a soothing effect on the brain. Simply watching/listening to the sounds of flowing water makes your mind wander into oblivion making you less stressed.

  1. Humidification

Dry air can have a devastating effect on your health. For instance, dry air causes skin diseases, allergies, and other conditions. Having a water fountain inside the house however improved moisture levels, thus reducing the risk of such health conditions. You therefore don’t necessarily have to invest in the more expensive humidifier as the water feature handles the job pretty well. By bringing moisture levels to acceptable levels, you get to enjoy a smooth, moist skin and can breathe fresh air as well. It also reduces the risk of contracting allergic conditions, some of which are incurable. One thing with breathing purified air with the right humidity levels is that you don’t suffer from brain fatigue which again improves your productivity.

Breathing fresh air means your brain and other vital organs get plenty of oxygen. This enables you to handle even the most complex of assignments with ease. Whether thinking of bringing a new piece of décor to the house, or just need something beneficial for your health, you should then consider investing in an indoor water fountain. The benefits of having a water feature outweigh its cons and cost.

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