Get Better Looking Skin With Carbon Dioxide

For people with skin flaws like cellulite and stretch marks, being confident in your own skin can be a trial. Carboxy therapy is an amazing treatment that removes these imperfections, erasing your self-consciousness along with it. In a state-of-the-art non-invasive procedure, carbon dioxide unlocks your body’s natural healing process to eradicate cellulite, making your skin looking healthy and beautiful. After just a few treatments, you’ll feel confident to show off your smooth, flawless skin.


By relying on a gas that naturally exists in the human body, carboxy therapy harnesses natural ingredients and processes to assist in beautifying your skin. Carbon dioxide is the waste product that is released after cells in the body have expired. Its presence signals to your body that oxygen is desperately needed in your body—whether it’s in the heart, brain, or skin. When there is a high concentration of carbon dioxide, your blood cells flood the area and release oxygen. In carboxy therapy, expert technicians mimic this natural process by injecting carbon dioxide into your problem areas. From there, your body takes over. Circulation is naturally increased, and the area is flooded with oxygen.

Oxygen-rich blood cells will help to break down the fatty deposits of cellulite and stretch marks, metabolizing fat cells and retained fluids that can make you look bloated. Increased blood flow will also trick your body into wound healing, strengthening the collagen and connective tissue that make up the framework of your skin. Its healing process will create a thicker, firmer dermis with less fat underneath it.

Since its first use in France in the early 1930s, carboxy therapy has gone through a continual evolution. Beginning first as a way for doctors to treat patients with vascular disease and leg ulcers, the therapy has been perfected by skin care professionals. At Hairfree Laser Skin Clinics, trained and certified technicians continue this tradition of advancement, developing a treatment that is truly remarkable. The stretch mark removal treatments can also treat scars, localized obesity, edema, loose skin, and wrinkles when performed by these technicians as they are experienced in providing safe and affordable carboxy therapy. Their expert treatments require no recovery time and can improve the look of your skin with a single appointment.

There is no reason not to try carboxy therapy. Its non-invasive treatment is a safe and affordable alternative to painful and expensive surgeries that produce the same results. Your skin will look smoother and tighter with each treatment, making you feel beautiful and confident enough to take on the world.

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