The Biggest Spa Trends of 2015


With the spa experience more accessible than ever, many people are taking the time out to disconnect from the real world and recharge their batteries.  Whether you choose to take a vacation at somewhere like the beautiful Lahaina Spa in Maui, or prefer to visit a local spa for an overnight stay, you’ll likely notice some of this year’s most popular spa trends in action.  Keep reading to find out what these are, and if any of them interest you, we definitely recommend giving them a try.

Treatments for Men

Spa treatments may have been an almost female only environment in the past, but things are certainly changing.  Almost all spas now offer a variety of treatments for men now, and often give them macho sounding names like the “executive massage” or the “full body sports massage” to entice them.  The treatments for men are predominantly aimed at stress and pain relief, and many spas also offer couples treatments for those who want them.

Personalized Treatments

In the past, you pretty much had a choice of spa treatments and had to select the one that you favored most.  Now, though, many spas are offering a range of personalized treatments enabling you to choose the scent of the oil, the focus of a facial, and the type of oil used in a massage, for example.  So, the next time you visit a spa you may be able to customize the treatments to your exact preferences.

Preventive Treatments

Although a lot of people visit spas when they are suffering, and need some form of relief, preventive treatments are now becoming popular as well.  From acupuncture to massage, consumers want to prevent issues from arising rather than dealing with them once they are there.  And, with many people struggling to foot the bill of health care, preventive treatments can be a much better option.

Social Fitness

Many spas are now providing a social fitness experience where visitors can attend a spa with friends or a loved one, and enjoy an experience catered around their needs.  Fancy a spot of yoga on the beach before having a healthy lunch, and then a facial in the afternoon?  A group outing that is centered around feeling good and relaxing is a real option now at many of the top spas around the world, and is especially popular for people celebrating an engagement or birthday.

Continued Care

Many people don’t want to visit a spa purely for a one-off experience.  Instead, they want to enjoy a treatment plan that specifically caters to their needs.  Whether you have a busy job in the city and need regular stress relief, or regularly suffer from back pain and find that a certain type of massage helps you to feel better, you can find spas that will get to know you as a person, and that will offer you a continued treatment plan.

Every year we see a variety of new spa trends, but the ones in the list above seem to be trends that will stick around for quite some time.

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