Great Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Wallet Case For Your iPhone 6


Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves.  As well as using them as phones were always intended as communication devices, as the technology continues to advance we now use them for listening to music, browsing the web, playing games and even a tool for work.  As smartphones like the iPhone have such a big role in our lives, it is reasonable that we would want to take care of them.

One thing that has become essential when it comes to looking after smartphones, as they are now getting bigger and bigger, is having something to carry them around in that is not as big as a bag.  Wallet cases like those available from are a particularly popular choice, for a variety of reasons; as you will see below.

Consolidation And Organisation

One of the major benefits of a wallet case rather than just a cover or nothing at all for your iPhone is that it means you can store various things in one, compact place.  The new iPhone 6/6S Wallet Case by jimmyCASE for example not only provides the protection you want for your smartphone, but it also gives you somewhere to put your bank cards, driver’s licence and cash that can then be put into your pocket, meaning you do not need a bag.


As hinted, it is not just an organizer of course.  A jimmyCASE wallet case is made from silicone with a wooden core and provides full-screen protection.  It has been tested and passed various tests that prove it can prevent all manner of damage to your Apple phone.


Some cases and covers for mobile phones are impractical to say the least.  Given that even if you have a touchscreen smartphone like the iPhone, there are sill buttons and sockets round the edge of the handset that you need access to.  Some cases tend to cover over these, while the jimmyCASE actually incorporates the idea of portholes.  So if you want to charge away from home or use your headphones, without removing the cover, you can do so very easily.


iPhones have always, since they were first established, been about the look as well as what is inside.  You may feel at odds when trying to find a suitable cover, because you don’t want to hide away or cover over the colouring and design of your iPhone.  That’s where jimmyCASE over deliver as their cases are available in a wide array of colours, styles and various materials.  You never have to feel embarrassed about your phone covering again.

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