The Hottest Watch Trends for 2014


Choosing the right watch is certainly up there with life’s toughest decisions. It may not be like getting a tattoo, but a watch can be an expensive, yet effective, way of really defining your look.

Are you going for a sporty look with a stopwatch-styled image? Or are you going for something classical to go with a nice suit or shirt? Decisions, decisions – and one not to take lightly. If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at the list of the hottest watch trends for 2014.

  • Alpina. In my opinion there are not better watches than leather watches. They’re strong, sturdy and look stylish and fantastic with any outfit. The Alpina watch dates back to 1883, and its interesting because this particular brand claims to have invented the modern sports watch. Alpina was very ahead of its time. In as early as 1938, the designers produced what they named “Alpina 4” – which was anti magnetic, water-resistant, shockproof and rust proof.
  • Hydrocarbon NEDU. The Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU is for the type of person who is underwater a lot. So swimmers and divers, here is a perfect, almost indestructible wristwatch with a 43mm case that’s more than 15mm thick in some areas, and that gives it a water resistance of a whopping 600m. The NEDU is also the very first watch that has a helium-release valve built in to its winding crown!
  • Vintage PW1 Pocket and Wrist Watch. If you’re in to your aviation inspired watches the PW1 pocket and wristwatch is most definitely the one to check out. Only 99 sets of this beautifully crafted accessory are available and at a pricey £21,300, but still – it’s love at first sight for me.
  • Chronograph. If you like your watch face to have more to it with dials and little gadgets than this is the one for you. Not only is it under £400, it completely redefines the meaning of the word “accuracy”. The Chronograph can actually record elapsed times down to 1/1,000th of a second over a 12-hour period.
  • Commedia Dell’Arte. This watch is something special indeed. It isn’t your standard watch. The face is made up of eight pieces based upon 16th-century Italian street theatre and feature articulated which amazingly come to life when the minute repeater is set off!
  • Edifice X Infiniti. Inspired by Red Bull, the watch is a joint creation between the team’s technicians and Casio. The watch cleverly adjusts itself to fit the timezone you’re in if you go abroad or travel around a lot. The solar-powered watch also features as a countdown timer, five alarms with a 1/1,000th of a second Chronograph, and this is all for around £150!
  • So there you have some of the latest trends, watch-wise, for 2014. Whether you’re looking to really go all out and break the bank for something stylish or insanely modern, the list above gives you some idea as to where to start.

On the flip side, if you’re also looking for all that but cheaper, paying under £400 for a high caliber watch is a deal!

Happy hunting!

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