How to Choose the Perfect Formal Dress

There is a time in every girl’s life where a formal dress is absolutely necessary, whether it’s for a party, a dance, or any other special event. We all know dressing up for a formal event is fun and special but finding the perfect dress can be daunting and overwhelming.

If you have an event coming up that requires a formal dress, read on to discover easy tips to follow so you will end up with a dress that you love and adore.

Create A Budget

First and foremost, choose a budget to guide your decision. Formal dresses range greatly in prices. Anything from $50 to hundreds of dollars can be spent. It is important that before you start shopping to set yourself a limit. A limit will eliminate your options that fit outside the budget, thus it will be easier to choose as there’s less to decide from.

Consider that the dress is not the only element you will have to shop for too. You will either need to include in your budget or create another budget for accessories and shoes. There’s a lot you need to shop for, keep it all in mind when deciding on a budget.

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Consider the Event

Just like all the diverse types of dresses, not all formal events are created the same. Before you choose your formal dress for a specific event, ensure that you know what the event entails and understand the nature of the event.

Ask yourself a few questions. Will there be dancing that requires a dress that you can move freely in? How short or long can the dress be for it to be deemed appropriate? How casual is the special event? These are all important questions to ask whomever is running the event to prevent arriving in one that doesn’t fit in the formalities or lack thereof.

Choose A Style

The style of your formal dress is important, along with the colour and material. Before you start shopping for a dress to wear to your upcoming special event, start thinking about what style you want your dress to have.

The style can depend on your body type. Certain body types fit certain styles of dresses. Each body type has flattering features and generally these features should be complemented in what you wear. There are a few body types, the main four are: apple, hourglass, pear and athletic. Base the style you choose on what category your body fits within.

Get Some Inspiration

Search through magazines, websites, your favourite influencers blogs to find dresses you like. This is a fun part of the planning of your full garment. How about making a mood board and stick on it everything that interests, or inspires you? Or, if you’re a wiz on the computer make an online mood board, try Pinterest.

Be Confident, Be Yourself

Most of all, choose something that makes you feel happy and beautiful. If what you want to choose is not exactly on trend or doesn’t follow what is being deemed as what’s currently fashionable, but you love it, wear it. It is always the better option to wear what you feel confident in and love the look of. Plus, you will be memorable for what you wear if you haven’t simply followed the crowd.


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