Tips for Wearing Diamond Pendant Necklaces with Style

The true classic – a diamond necklace, especially if it’s a pendant, evokes an air of sophistication and classiness with little to no effort. They run the line between being extremely modern and fiercely traditional simultaneously. That is why, if there are diamonds available, there will always be diamond pendant necklaces.

Now, given diamonds are very versatile, there are a few great ways you can stylishly wear pendants. If you are looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t be Afraid to Dabble with Layers

It’s true that you don’t necessarily need to have anything else to accompany a stunning diamond pendant. However, carefully using layering can help raise the bar on outfits and looks, creating something that’s nice into something that’s stunning and special. Try stacked rings or layered necklaces along with that pendant diamond to show you don’t always follow the crowd.

Match Your Neckline

One of the easiest ways to pair a diamond pendant necklace with an outfit is to consider the neckline and use that as a guide. Forget about items with too many embellishments and details. Instead, leave your sparkling jewellery to do all the talking. For the maximum effect with little effort, choose either an off-the-shoulder, strapless, V-neck or scoop-style neckline dress or blouse.

Less Means More

It’s an old adage, but its age has never stopped it from being correct. While diamond pendants have that air of sophistication and classiness we spoke of at the outset of this piece, that doesn’t mean that you should keep them locked away only to wear on the most special of occasions.

Even if you are just looking to switch-up your work attire game a little or while out and about with friends for informal drinks or a meal, you can bring some sparkle to outfits. Even just a smart black and white skirt and blouse combination will look more professional and business-like with a nice pendant hanging down. So, get out of the mindset that wearing diamonds for more dressed down outfits is counter-intuitive and knock them off their feet at the next boardroom meeting.

Try Thinking Outside of the Box

You may have the image of a diamond solitaire on a silver chain hardwired into your brain because that is the classic look. There are, however, hundreds of various styles of diamond pendants available nowadays., Even, if you fancy straying away from the classic white diamond, there are brown diamonds, yellow diamonds and just about any other colour you prefer.

Consider Your Own Individual Style

We’ve highlighted several times in this post that you don’t really need to stick to the ‘what’s normally done’ way of wearing diamonds. There is no rulebook about how you wear them. If wearing a diamond piece works with your own individual style, then that’s all that matters.

It can be nice to follow in the footsteps of those who’ve worn diamonds before you and to stick to the classic looks and style guides, but the way you will really let it shine is when you stay true to your own individuality. If you are still looking for the elegant diamond, check out the post How to Choose Right Necklace.

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