How to Find the Right Vintage-Style Prom Dress

Vintage or “vintage-style” prom dresses typically hail from a bygone era, like the swinging 1920’s right through to the alternative fashions of the 1970’s.

Every era in fashion has key attributes that will still look great for a modern-day contemporary formal event such as prom night. Many components of vintage fashions still make the final cut on fashion-forward runways from New York City to Paris, and with good reason; if something looks truly great, it’s quite likely it will be able to survive the test of time. Some of the most authentic looks come from the past, and are still popular today –as with breathtaking Sherri Hill prom dresses.

Finding the right vintage-style formal dress for prom night is not always going to be easy. In many cases you may actually choose to go for the “real deal” and buy a prom dress that literally is vintage. With all of this in mind, we thought we would explore some of the major struggles associated with shopping for vintage prom dress styles and provide a handful of solutions to make sure you look your very best on prom night!

1. Sizing Tips for Vintage Dresses

The tenets of dress-sizing, or all clothing sizing in general, have shifted somewhat over time. This means that a particular size number from 20 to 40 years ago may not reflect what that same number means for modern-day dresses. And often vintage prom dresses come from another part of the world which uses a different sizing convention than that of the country you are in.

In all cases where you are looking for a truly vintage prom dress, we suggest starting from scratch, ignoring the sizing posted, and take new measurements for yourself and the prom dress so your prom dress purchase is fool-proof –or just try it on right there! Make sure you don’t have a fully empty stomach at the time though (or have a look at waist trainers for your stomach), or it might cause a little panic if you cannot fit into your dress on prom night.

2. Choose an Era, then Choose a Dress

It is important to have a bit of a plan when shopping for vintage-style prom dresses; and while it might be nice to rip through the racks trying everything on in some sort of vintage-dress-shopping-craze, we suggest choosing an era you think will best suit the event, or event theme, before you start trying on dresses. This will help out a lot when you start asking the helpful staff of a prom dress shop like Peaches Boutique to assist in the prom purchase process.

3. Decide Your Price Range First, Too

To avoid being having your heart-strings toyed with, establish a price range before you head out on your prom dress shopping journey. This will ensure that whatever you cast your eyes upon will not disappoint when it comes time to pay for it. Vintage and vintage-style dresses tend to have the possibility of being a wee bit more expensive than you might otherwise be able to afford.

In Conclusion

Being aware of your dress sizing measurements is much more useful than only being prepared with your size number –and establishing an era and budget first will prevent unwanted complications when choosing your prom dress.


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