Make Dental Service More Affordable to the Clients


Today a lot of people do not take care of their teeth not because they have no time or are afraid of dentists, the reason is on the surface – it is too expensive. People lose health and dentists lose their income. In order to compensate this imbalance, we propose three ways to make your services more affordable to people.

1 – Only Recommend Insurance Companies and Discount Plans

Unfortunately, the current situation in the US shows that most health insurance plans do not cover dentistry at all or cover it only partially, for example for annual cleaning, but they don’t include such essential procedures as crowns, fillings, extractions, etc. This is why you need to help your patients find the right insurance company to cover your services or at least will give them some discounts.

2 – Discounts for Up-Front Paying Patients

One more very useful and encouraging this you yourself can do is to give your clients discounts if they pay for the whole procedure upfront. You should not lose money, but a “sale” of 20% to 30% off will be a great benefit for any person. Moreover, such a step will make your practice more appealing and comfortable to work at, because you will always know what your schedule for each day is.

3 – Offer Special Paying Plans to Your Patients

Think about getting a financing plan that will be more comfortable for both you and your clients. You should look for options without and credit checks – it will mean that your every single patient is actually approved for financing, regardless of the credit history. Try to also avoid any hidden fees with financing plans – in this way you will get more trust in the eyes of the patients. Finally, check what options you have to get the money anyway; yes, they exist. It means that even if a patient cannot pay for the procedure the “plan” will continue paying you so you get your money for the job and the patient gets the procedure done!

As you can see there is nothing impossible in making your business more appealing to the patients, just combine discount programs and special dental insurance – dental payment plans with your own discounts and increase the number of patients coming exactly to you significantly!

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