How to Get Beach Ready in 6 Weeks


Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re planning your summer holiday, then it may also be time to start planning your beach body. If you’re looking to tone up before you hit the beach, then take a read of the following tips.

Step 1: Change Your Diet

Whether you’re looking for a lot of weight loss, or just a little, a change of diet is essential. Getting beach ready in six weeks requires you to cut out excess sugar, processed foods and fast food. This is one of the most basic steps, but it can have the best effect.

Instead, eat lots of fruit, veg, whole grain and lean protein.

Don’t starve yourself, however, as this is not good for your body. It may give you the body that you want, but not for very long, and when you eat normally again the weight will go straight back on.

Step 2: Drink More Water

Drinking more water will do wonders for many aspects of your health. Not only will it help with hunger – as sometimes we think we’re hungry when it fact we’re thirsty – but it will improve your skin too. Some people feel better in themselves generally too when they drink more water.

Drink water or unsweetened tea. You’ll know that you’re well hydrated when your urine is very pale or clear consistently.

Step 3: Raise Your Heart Rate

Cardio exercise is really important for burning fat, and along with strength training and eating better, you can achieve an envious beach body. Cardio exercise is any exercise that keeps your heart rate elevated, but how much you will have to do will depend on your current state.

Try exercising for an hour a day and see how this feels, increasing or decreasing if necessary.  Vary the intensity of the workout to get the benefits of a variety of exercises.

Step 4: Strength Training

To show muscle, you will also have to do some strength training too. Think about the areas of your body that you want to tone up. Whether it’s the arms, the abs, the bum or the legs, make sure that you incorporate exercises that work on these areas.

For abs: crunches, sit ups, planks.

For arms: push ups, bicep curls.

For legs and bum: squats, lunges, wall sits, calf raises.

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

Becoming beach ready is not just about your body however, and there are a few simple tips that can make all the difference between you feeling body confident and not. For instance, getting lots of sleep and looking after your skin will mean that you’ll feel and look great.

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