How To Get That Perfect Biker Look For Your Upcoming Adventure

If you’re a passionate rider, ready to go on adventures on a bike, you should not only have a gorgeous vehicle but also get the looks for it. That will give you more confidence and the adrenaline rush you need for those exciting experiences you’re looking forward to.

The right clothes, shoes, and accessories will also help remove hazards on your way, besides giving you those perfect Instagram clicks. Scroll on for some style tips to get your biker look right.

Work out rigorously

A pumped-up physique is the quintessential biker appearance that makes you look and feel amazing. Work out with machines at a gym or at home to increase muscular strength and get rid of extra calories, if any. You can use resistance bands at the gym to enhance your biceps and shoulder muscles. For abs and chest, try following the instructions of your trainer and exercise accordingly.

Grow your beard

Bikers look great in beards and tattoos. It’s okay if you don’t want to get inked, but you can always grow your beard to achieve that beastly look that most bikers carry. You can also grow your hair enough to tie it up, as it will add to your personality. In case you like to keep your hair short, get a stylish haircut to match your growing beard.

Pick the right shoes

Biker boots are not ordinary and quite different from the regular boots you get in the market. For example, the biker boots at Chuck’s boots are equipped with extra padding for better protection and often come with double or triple stitches to prevent damages. The soles of most biker boots are meant for better gripping and are mostly sewed instead of glued.

Invest in denim 

Bikers are incomplete without denim and you should take some time out for shopping before your trip. That rugged look you want to achieve can be enhanced by colors like dark blue or light grey along with a matching jacket, if possible. Don’t forget to invest in a trendy belt to go with your outfit.

Experiment with accessories

Do you have a thing for accessories? Well, as a biker, you can experiment freely, as their rugged and carefree look goes well with the chains, belts, metal bracelets, and even earrings that you can get in any local store. Create a style theme and stick to it while shopping for accessories.

Choose the right colors

Whatever clothes, shoes, or accessories you buy, make sure you opt for colors in the range of blue, brown, and black. If you want to go the unconventional route, you can try darker shades of moss, turquoise, and grey. Colors matter, as they help build the macho factor, a key requisite of the biker’s appearance.

Use symbols 

You can stick symbols on your bike, your helmet, or your jacket to go with the overall theme. You can even get a tattoo of eccentric symbols, for example of the music you prefer, any movement, or cause you to support, etc. As bikers are perceived as passionate, strong, and free-spirited, symbolism goes well with their appearance and personality.

Wrapping it up

Hopping on your bike to go on unguaranteed adventures might sound crazy to many people, but if you’re a biker in your heart, you’ll take it as challenging, just like life itself. You can cherish that side of yours by following the aforementioned style tips and follow your heart wherever it desires to go.

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