Your Perfect Pair Of Summer Sandals, Self-Care Is So Important FYI!

The summer heat takes a toll on everyone. The sticky heatwave can make anyone uncomfortable and in some cases, very sick. There are many ways to beat the summer heat but we will focus our discussion on the ideal footwear in this article. The feet are part of the body that does the most physical work. Due to all the physical activity, they also experience the most sweating, especially in summers. Dumping those heavy shoes and sneakers that don’t let your skin breath might just be a good idea. On the other hand, you have a range of sandals that you can choose from to sail through the tough summers.

Sport sandals

Sport sandals come with adjustable straps and are very durable. Like any other sandals, they offer proper ventilation to help you with the sweating in the summer heat. They’re called sport sandals for a reason. You can run, walk, jump and get them wet. They are mostly made of light but durable materials like rubber and cloth, though the use of cloth in sports sandals is kept minimum to avoid water retention.

Gladiator sandals

If you’re somehow linking up the name of these sandals with the ancient Romans then you are on the right path. These gladiator sandals have their design inspired by the sandals that ancient Romans used to wear with multiple straps running mostly up till the calf. Even though it was the men who sported them but the new age fashion trends decided that they look much better on women.

Wedge sandals

Wedge sandals are basically just sandals with raised platforms like heels. The platform can be of uniform height throughout or can be tapered at one end. These sandals can be easily paired with dresses due to their chic look. Wedge sandals come in many styles and if you want more information then you can visit here and check out the different variations. Apart from just looking good, wedge sandals are also very comfortable to wear, despite their raised platforms

Flip flops

Flip flops are the perfect example of elegance in simplicity. Flip flops are actually something very close to bathroom slippers but aren’t really the same. These are quite affordable and people can own multiple pairs in different colors to match them with various casual outfits. They offer the maximum breathing space to your feet and are simply comfortable in summers.

Slide sandals

These sandals are quite common these days even among men. Their simple and comfortable design has made it the most preferred choice for casual footwear in the summers, both inside and outside the house. The design is simple, consisting of a wide single strap that goes over the top of your foot and a nice comfortable platform. Your foot easily slides into these sandals and there are no extra straps on the sandal. These might not be the best for running or working out but they are no doubt extremely comfortable.

These 5 types of sandals are the most common ones that you can easily find anywhere and are quite easy to carry off with various outfits. Finding the right pair of sandals for yourself might just be the perfect way to beat the summer heat and sail through the sticky weather!

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