How to Pick the Best Hairbrush for Your Hair Type

When done right, brushing your hair not only leaves you looking great, but feeling great too. That is if you are faced with the daily drama of trying to drag a brush that’s not suitable for your hair type. Given the fantastic array of different hairbrushes that are available these days, the simple task of buying the right one can be extremely challenging and stressful.

To give you a helping hand and nudge you in the right direction, then, we are going to take the stress out of the process and highlight what you need to consider when choosing the right hairbrush for your hair.

Hair Type

There are various factors and aspects of your hair that determine its type and condition. Its elasticity, texture, growth rate is just a few, along with indirect influences such as the hair products you use, the weather, and your diet.

To break things down simply though, the basic types of hair could be categorized as follows:

  • Normal – hair that is neither very thin nor thick. You can use most hairbrushes with this type of hair.
  • Thin – thin hair is normally finer, lacks any real volume, and tends to become oily much quicker than other types of hair.
  • Thick – by comparison, thick hair is more volume and bigger, can become very frizzy in humid environments, and knots up easily.

You next need to think about the bristles of hairbrushes.

Types of Bristles

For Thin and Normal Hair

If you have thin or normal hair, boar bristle brushes are ideal. They help to condition your hair naturally, which means you do not need to wash it as frequently. Natural boar bristles are best for daily styling and grooming. However, if you are looking to part and section off thin or normal hair, you are best using combs with teeth set at different spaces. These will help to work through short or long hair and detangle easily.

For Thick Hair

When it comes to working with thicker hair, however, it is actually best to opt for brushes that have plastic pins, as these offer the best level of control. You can use them for detangling and light styling work. If your hair is especially long or long and curly, opt for a cylindrical hairbrush. Particularly one with metallic pins as these makes detangling easy minus the static. A wide-tooth comb might be your best bet if you are looking to do more labor-intensive styling on dry or wet thick hair.

Type of Brush Body

Finally, the last thing you need to consider before buying a hairbrush is the body. It really depends on your specific styling needs. Vented brushes, for example, are great for blow-drying as they allow the hot and cold hair to pass through the brush through to your hair. Brushes with rubber cushioned bases help to reduce static and breakages while polishing your cuticles. While flat brushes are perfect for general grooming and straightening. Round brushes are great for smoothing and shaping.

If you want even more help to choose a great brush, check out this Team True Beauty Wet Brush Review.


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