How to Shave Your Legs


Some things in life are a lot simpler than you think, providing that you find out how best to do them and then get the right tools to do them with.

Shaving your legs is one such task, which is great news if the thought of doing this fills you with dread. To get the perfect job done every time just follow these simple tips.

Choose a Quality Razor

One way to ensure that you end up making a bad job of this is to use an old razor or a cheap and nasty one. If you are going to do a great job on your legs then you need to use a quality razor that is up to the task. You can get started by going online to choose one of these razors. This will let you do a professional job without risking cuts or rashes on your legs.

Shave in the Shower

Shaving your legs in the shower is a great way to get this job done quickly and easily. Use warm water, which will soften your skin, open your pores and help to relax the hairs. All of this will add up to give a better and more comfortable shave. One issue to be aware of is that of letting the water run cold. When this happens goose bumps can appear on your skin, and shaving over them is a painful experience best avoided.

 Get Comfortable

If you try to shave your legs while hopping about from one foot to another then it isn’t likely to end well. Instead, you should look to sit down comfortably if there is somewhere you can do this, such as on the edge of the bath. You want to be able to reach down the full length of your legs and ankles without any problems.

Use Shaving Foam or Cream

Getting your legs wet before shaving is important but that doesn’t mean that you can go without some sort of shaving lotion. You will want to apply shaving foam or cream to give a smoother and more pleasant shave. There are a lot of different brands on the market so you might want to try out a few different ones before settling on your favourite.

Start at the Ankle

The best way to shave your legs effectively is to start down at the ankle and work your way up. Use long, smooth strokes to work your way up your legs. Don’t forget to take the time to cover all the different part of your legs as you go.

Take Your Time

One thing you don’t want to do is make the mistake of rushing this job. This will only lead to you making a mistake and possibly cutting your leg. Choose a time when you can settle down and take your time while doing it. You might want to put on some music and relax as you shave. You will also want to leave your phone and other possible distractions in another room.

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