Pop Culture: What’s the Big Deal with Big Butts?


If you have a booty that will give Kim K a run for her money, it will not only mean that you are trending right now, but believe it or not, you will apparently have smarter kids than moms with small bums!

I know we often ask “whether our bum looks big in this”, but it seems more of us ladies want the answer to be “yes” and not just for fashionable reasons either.

Apparently, another good reason why you might be looking up someone who does Butt Lifts in Sacramento, is that a study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, has shown that those of us who have sizeable derrieres, will probably have smarter kids, as well as plenty of male attention.

Good fat

Ok, it might be stretching it say that some extra fat is actually good for you, but apparently you need a lot of fat to enhance your nervous system and the fats in your buttock and thigh areas are rich in DHA, which is considered a good component for our brain.

According to an expert called Dr Lassek, who has a book out called why women need fat (I like him already) fat around the bum and thighs is hard to shift after giving birth (tell me about it) but this is because it makes our breast milk contain higher levels of lipids. Higher levels of lipids means brainier kids apparently, so celebrate that big booty, it has a higher purpose than giving you some great curves.

Butts are big news

If you want to show off your sizeable tush, then twerking is one way of doing it, but you might want to follow the moves of someone like Nicki Minaj if you want to see how to display one of your prize assets in the best possible way.

Keeping with the Kardashians might be hard for most of us, considering she is supposed to be worth over $65 million, but one way you can replicate her success for grabbing the headlines and getting yourself noticed, would be to have a butt lift.

Butts are big news and there are plenty of women who are keen to follow a growing trend to match the assets of the likes of celebs like J.Lo and add some extra inches and shape to the rear view rather than the front, which was once the obvious starting point if you were considering cosmetic surgery.

Growing numbers

If the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is correct, it seems that many of us don’t want to have run-of-the-mill fannies, or suffer from sagging.

There was a 15% rise in buttock augmentations last year and buttock implants nearly doubled in number, so you are definitely not alone if you are looking in the mirror and thinking, if Kim K can get herself so famous for that set of pictures that almost sent the internet into meltdown, why shouldn’t I give myself a backside boost.

You might not be wanting to be the next twerking sensation to go viral, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping many of us from considering the merits of lifting that butt into better shape.

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