How You Can Become A Character Artist Or Game Designer

The most visual form of 3D based animation media on the market at the moment is arguably video games.  This is because video games are so immersive and powerful that they allow players to more fully interact with the game environment and characters.

Behind the scenes the people responsible for bringing these graphics to life are the video game and character artists who work from a script.  They work alongside the marketers, game testers and especially the programmers as part of a bigger team creating new video games.  Their work involves the use of computers and special software to create characters and animate them, as well as designing the user interfaces for those characters.

Although there very few prerequisites required to become a character artists, the majority of gaming companies normally prefer to hire character artists whom have have been formally educated in graphics and other disciplines and who have experience in gaming.  A great character artists should be able to take a script and translate it into genuine and believable characters and scenes.  This field will be very hard for anyone who cannot think creativity and who are not artistically gifted.

Some Things You Need In Order To Become A Great Character Artist

While there are no particular requirements for becoming a character artist or game designer, there are certain skills you need to have at your disposal to become professional character artists working in the gaming industry.  We will now look at some of these requirements below.

Computer Literate

It is vital that you know how to use a computer if you want to become a character artist.  As the gaming industry continues to become more and more lucrative, the level of competitive is increasing too.  As well as the necessary artistic talent you also need the know-how to design using a variety of different languages of computer code.  Although the character designing process begins with sketches, those sketches are then scanned into a computer to bring the characters and scenes to life.

Character Animation Education

The process requires you to have knowledge of objects and characters’ structures in order to make them fully animated.  Characters are drawn first, animated later.  If you feel inexperienced when it comes to drawing, the best way to improve your skills is by drawing things.  Although it helps if you are born with a natural flair for art, it is something you can learn; but, it does involve a lot of practice.

Graphics And Design Education

Once you understand the basics of character animation and drawing you also need to learn more about graphics and design before you can become a great character artist.  As noted earlier in the article, it is not compulsory that you have formal education within graphics and design, it will help you to attract the attention of game development companies.

Interestingly, there is a brand new course now available at CMU College of Makeup Art & Design that offers you the chance to learn the skills and know-how to become a Digital Makeup Effects Artist, focusing specifically on the area of creature and character design.  This course has already been a success in the US and is now the first of its kind in Canada.

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