Top 5 Online Tools to Help Kickstart your Fitness Regime in 2016

With the beginning of every new year, thousands of people decide that this will be the year to get fit and healthy. But as the months progress, the initial motivation is waning. Luckily, there are plenty of online resources that can help you stay on track. We’ve looked into five of the best online tools to improve your motivation so that you can achieve your fitness goals for this year.

The fitness roulette wheel

If you’re starting to get bored of repeating the same exercise regime over and over again, then it’s time to change things up a little. Ladbrokes Casino has designed an online roulette wheel for just that purpose. You spin the wheel and it will randomly assign you an exercise that you have to complete. That way your fitness regime doesn’t get stagnant as you never know what’s in store for you next.


If you love playing games then you can easily combine this passion with your fitness goals. The latest fitness trend “Exergaming” is based on technology that tracks your movements and reactions. Gaming no longer means sitting on your couch and moving nothing but your thumbs. You can now get physically involved in the virtual world. Dance, cycle or even climb your way to your peak physical fitness with this new technology.

Customisable workout plans for free

Some people want to lose weight or tone their arms while others want to increase their strength and endurance or work off stress. Everyone has different fitness goals, which is why making use of free online resources that allow you to customise your workout plan is so useful. From gym and home workout programmes to circuit training and cardio exercises – finding the right exercise plan that caters to your particular needs is only a Google search away.

Sign a contract with yourself

We’re more likely to stick to our plans if we let friends know about them or even sign a contract. Sites such as stickK let you do just that. You sign a commitment contract with yourself to achieve your goals. By doing this, you’re forced to define your goals and you can even up the stakes by putting money on the line whenever you skip a scheduled exercise session. You can also appoint a referee, who’ll verify your progress. This will increase your chances of succeeding. If you need even more incentive, then you can invite family and friends to monitor your progress and to support you on your way to victory.

Get paid

We’re much more likely to do things we don’t like if we’re getting paid. Your friends and family might not be willing to pay you to go to the gym, but there are online communities such as Pact that will. However, whenever you skip an exercise session then it’s you who has to pay.

But when you reach your goal, then you’ll be get paid out of a common pool paid for by anyone who has been breaking their pact.

Use the internet and the numerous online tools to get fit this year. Find the resources that suit your lifestyle and get exercising today.

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