Important Organic and Natural Ingredients To Look For In Perfume to Enhance Your Mood

Are you a fan of perfumes? One of the main reasons you love your favorite perfumes is likely because of how they make you feel. Whether it’s sexy, confident, elegant, cute, cool, sophisticated, beautiful, happy, romantic, flirty, or a mixture, there are clear connections between wearing the right perfume and how it can affect your mood.

Did you know there is more to it than just simply picking your favorite perfume by your favorite brand? As you are probably aware, there are a lot of synthetic ingredients used in modern perfumes, to help save money and create bigger volumes to meet the demand. However, synthetic ingredients, while effective to an extent at producing a nice scent, do not often have the same positive effects on your mood. That’s why in the following post, we wanted to highlight some of the organic and natural ingredients you should look for when choosing a luxury perfume if you really want to see improvements and changes to your mood.


Jasmine is a firm favorite from the floral family of ingredients that have been used in countless perfumes for many hundreds of years. It is no surprise that this enduringly popular ingredient is very effective at altering and enhancing the mood of the wearer. Its comforting scent helps to promote a restful attitude, and in some circumstances, it can actually be sleep-inducing.


Bergamot is another mainstay of the perfume industry. Renowned for its ability to help promote a relaxed and calm mood, by reducing negative emotions it can help to live your mood and diminish any fatigue you were feeling.


Apart from giving perfumes a classic base scent, have you ever wondered why sandalwood is so popular? It has a very lingering and warm scent, which is why it is often used for middle and base notes. The grounding sensation this scent can evoke is perfect for balancing your emotions. It can have an almost meditative effect. Interestingly, sandalwood has for a long time been considered something of an aphrodisiac.


Another floral ingredient, rose often evokes romance and femininity. It can promote a restful and calm state of mind as well as help to balance your emotions. Any perfume with rose front and center is a great fragrance if you are feeling the need for some R and R.


Another hugely popular ingredient, vanilla has an obvious sweetness and freshness. It is considered a very bright and invigorating scent that can help to energize, inspire, and even clarify your mood and emotions. On those days when you need to go full-steam ahead, look for a perfume with vanilla.


A note full of spice, cinnamon evokes feelings of complete relaxation, coziness, and warmth. Despite that, it can be used in perfumes to stir the wearer to action, to give them focus and energy, while alleviating any fatigue or tiredness they may be feeling. It’s that mixture of warmth and coziness with high charges of energy that make this a great ingredient.

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