Beautiful Quality and Unique Style – Korean Hanbok Both Traditional and Modern

There has long been a fascination with Eastern dress and traditions among Western nations, yet it is only in very recent years that we have taken an interest in the exceptionally beautiful Korean traditional clothing known as Hanbok. Traditionally, Hanbok is worn by men, women and children for special occasions – a Korean wedding dress would be of Hanbok style, for example – and a second area of the style has come about that is known as modern Hanbok, and is worn as casual dress.

What is Hanbok all about, and why are Westerners now taking a great interest in traditional Korean dress? Television has a lot to do with is, as Netflix has brought to the mainstream several Korean TV series that have become extremely popular. Both ‘Kingdom’ and ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ feature Hanbok outfits and have been the first sight of this wonderful style of dress for many outside Korea. Where can you buy Hanbok styles?

Where to Buy Hanbok

The increased interest in Korean fashion is no surprise given the beautiful colours and wonderful materials and designs that Hanbok embraces. Look at any example of traditional and modern Hanbok and what you see is the influence of hundreds of years of tradition and craftsmanship, as well as the use of a superb palette of utterly gorgeous colours. The effect is as wonderful in adult clothing as it is in the stunning examples of traditional Korean kid’s clothing, and there is now a Premium Korean Hanbok store selling a full range of Hanbok clothing for men, women and children.

It’s called Korean In Me and whether you want to find out more about these traditional outfits or -as many people have been – are inspired to start wearing Hanbok for special occasions or otherwise, then it is the place to go for the best in quality Korean clothing that embraces the traditional styles and colours that are associated with Hanbok.

Historic and Cultural

The Korean In Me store offers a full range of ready-made men’s, women’s and kid’s Hanbok clothing in a variety of colours and styles, and also caters for those who want the traditional and the more modern styles too. All products in the store are of the very highest quality and made as per tradition, and they use the finest materials sourced from traditional suppliers. This is a style of Eastern clothing that has great potential for Western consumers and offers something different to the usual styles of clothing for special occasions and casual wear.

If you want to have Hanbok clothing made for you, the Korean In Me store also caters for you, and you can have an outfit made at surprisingly little cost that will be beautiful, unique and widely admired. For that touch of Eastern style that you’ve seen on those bright and colourful Korean TV shows check out the Korean In Me store, and be the one who starts the trend in your circle of friends.


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