Why are people wearing leggings outside of the gym?

More people than ever are wearing leggings outside of the gym. A few years ago it was looked at as being a bit weird but now its quite normal to see when walking down the high street. You might think there is just 1 style of leggings but there are actually many different sorts, such as ombre gym leggings by House of Peach which are designed to make your bum look great!

Let’s look at a few reasons why this trend has become so popular.


They are just so convenient. If you are a busy parent and have 100 things to do in the morning then throwing on a pair of leggings is just an easy thing to do. They will go with almost any top and with them being fairly cheap it doesn’t matter if the kids spill stuff on them or if the dog scratches them. More than ever, mums are throwing on leggings, scrunching up their hair as they are usually in a rush to get out of the house.

Comfort – They are like a second skin

We all like to look good, but we also like to be comfortable as well. Some leggings are that fitting that it almost feels like you wearing nothing at all. You can see some good examples of Seamless leggings here. Below are some reasons why they are so comfortable:

  • They stretch – meaning that big Sunday dinner you eat can easily be accomodated
  • If you bloat up during the day they will not cut into your skin
  • They are made from soft material and therefore kind to your skin
  • They are non confining – meaning they are tight, but not restricting like jeans would be
  • They come in different lengths. Some will come down to your ankles while others finish on the calf
  • They allow your skin to breath in hot weather

They are better than jeans

Jeans are the standard pant choice for most women (and men) but sometimes they can just be so uncomfortable. They can also be hard to button up and don’t give you the stretch that leggings do. Don’t get me wrong, there are jeans that have elasticated waists but being stuck in denim jeans all day can be a real pain.

Jeans definitely have their place and are much more suitable for going out for a meal or meeting friends for a coffee. It also makes you feel a bit more dressed up compared to leggings.

I bet when you look through your wardrobe you will find pairs of jeans you haven’t worn in years because they are just not comfy enough.


A good pair of jeans can cost you £100 or more. Whereas a pair of leggings are a lot cheaper. You could get 4 pairs of leggings for the price of 1 pair of jeans.

Wear them because you want to

It’s as simple as that. Wear the leggings because you want to and not worry what others think about them!

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