LA Eyelash Extensions from Start to Finish



Getting eyelash extensions in Los Angeles is not as common as going to the dentist or getting a yearly physical, however, it is just as important to some people. There are many different reasons why eyelash extensions are wanted – confidence booster, health reasons or just because.  Whatever the reason, there are still a variety of do’s and don’ts that should be consider thoroughly before diving into a salon, eyes first.

The Do’s

First thing’s first – do you research! Not everyone is going to qualify to be a candidate for eyelash extensions. In order for the extensions to be applied, there must be existing eyelashes already in place to adhere the fake ones to. If you have bald spots on your eyelids, you won’t be able to get the extensions because there is nothing to glue them to. The eyelash extensions are simply there to make full eyelashes, fuller and more luscious looking.

Finding a place that has certified professionals in Los Angeles California to perform the procedure on should be a part of your research as well. You want to find a place that will accommodate your needs and give you exactly what you want. Also, there is a decent amount of responsibility involved after you have the extensions done so you really need to figure out how willing you are to maintain them after the fact.

The Don’ts

The main thing you don’t want to do with eyelash extensions is walk into a random salon and have them done right then and there. Having a consultation with a therapist or doctor before you actually go back for the procedure is important. You want to be able to choose the length and fullness of the lashes you are getting and you also want to be able to relay your wants and needs, appropriately to your therapist beforehand. Hastily deciding to get eyelash extensions could lead to regret later on down the road.

The Aftercare

There is much more involved in an eyelash extension procedure than just lying on a table and having them glued to your existing lashes. If you don’t follow your therapist’s instructions exactly, it could lead to the extensions falling out or being torn away from your eyelashes. Once they are secured in place, you must be sure not to get them wet for at least 24 hours afterwards. Wearing makeup is frowned upon, especially oil-based mascara or shadows. It is also recommended to sleep on your back so your face doesn’t rub against your pillow and catch the lashes in the middle of the night. Silk pillowcases have been known to help because there is not any cloth or cotton fibers to worry about in the middle of the night.


Eyelash extensions in LA are a great addition to have if you are lucky enough to be a proper candidate for the procedure. Unfortunately, there are a handful of rules to strictly follow after the fact in order for the procedure to be completely worth it. If you do your research properly and fully prepare yourself for the road ahead, you will be sure to love your new lashes and feel great about them every day.

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