Planning a Proposal? Here’s What You Need To Bear In Mind



You’ve probably already confessed your love for each other many times. You’re 100% certain that you want to spend the rest of your life with that girl. You know exactly what you vow to. Still, that’s not the whole story. At least not if you want it to be a storybook one she will be telling her girlfriends with a tear in her eye for years to come. Before you get down on your knee, take a step back to consider a few things:

Did you talk to her parents?

Though it may seem a bit old-fashioned, letting her parents know what your intentions and plans for the future are is always a good idea. No need to be nervous about it – if you’ve already met them and if the two of you are in a years-long relationship, they’ve already accepted you as their own son and will be happy to hear the two of you are finally going to make the next big step. And who knows, maybe they will have an advice or two on how to propose to her that might be worth considering.

Do you have enough money?

We are all familiar with that 3-month salary rule. But no, you don’t have to stick to it – start saving up the moment you realize that’s the girl you’re going to marry and choose the ring you feel suits her personality and style. When at the store, staring at the sea of sparkling engagement rings, you’ll hear the saleswoman talking about Halo, Classic, 3-stone, Gemstone, Vintage, the number of karats… The info won’t be that familiar to you, so focus on the overall style – is it traditional and elegant? Stylish and outgoing? Romantic and timeless? Or is it rather modern? Pick it up and ask yourself – will she gasp when she sees it?

Dig a bit through her jewelry box, pick up a few rings she already has and take them with you when you go shopping (maybe even ask a friend of hers to come along). It’s probably the safest way to get something she’ll like and fit her size at the same time.

Will it be a cliché?

Rings served in a desert at the end of a romantic dinner are getting kind of old, don’t you think? And it doesn’t really show you’ve made the effort to plan this moment that she should remember for the rest of her life.

When it comes to deciding on the perfect destination to pop the question, go someplace that will always be there. A place to which you will be able to return to over and over again, until you’re gray and old. Visit the location a few times before the big day – see whether it’s crowded, whether it is too loud, whether it is in the open and whether there’s a chance of weather ruining it all.

A million things can go wrong. Sunset at the beach or the top of the mountain might seem like an outstanding idea, but if it rains, is there a romantic cottage to hide?

What comes next?

In the end, when it all passes, what will you do next? Call your friends and relatives? Run to the nearest bar to get a drink and celebrate? Or if you chose to propose the morning before she has to go to work, did you call her office to explain why she’ll be running a bit late? The aftermath is just as important!

After all – it marks the beginning of a new life, so plan carefully what the first step is going to be.

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