Be like a pop star: Enhance your physical beauty with latest plastic surgery options

Many pop stars have gone under the knife and had plastic surgery. We’re all familiar with plastic surgery gone wrong – but the whole point of plastic surgery is that it should enhance your own natural beauty. When done well, you shouldn’t be able to tell beyond noticing something is different – not bad.

One of most common plastic surgery procedures is rhinoplasty – or a nose job. Ashley Tilsdale is a great example of a nose job done right – it’s not too dramatic, just a slight adjustment (though hers came from the repair of a deviated septum, there’s definitely a cosmetic change too).


This is a minor procedure that can help enhance your physical beauty by adjusting a nose that may have been broken or knocked out of shape – or maybe just one that’s been a bit wonky all along. It’s a great way to balance your face and enhance your features, and one undertaken by numerous celebrities.

Another common procedure is liposuction – the removal of fat. Now, this isn’t a miracle solution – if you don’t change your diet and exercise routine, the fat will quickly come back. However, it’s amazing for those lingering problem areas that just won’t shrink, regardless of how much work your put into it. Similarly, brachioplasty is coming into fashion – this is a procedure designed to shrink the dreaded bingo wing, and keep your arms in top shape. If you’ve found that your bingo wings just won’t tighten up, even after lifting weights, you’ll be pleased to hear that this procedure can help.

Many pop stars are thought to have had breast enhancement, but that’s not the only plastic surgery available for your chest – breast reduction is also an option, as shown by Victoria Beckham who had hers reduced after having them augmented when she was younger. Breast reduction surgery can reduce sagging as you age, as well as having the added benefits of reducing back pain! Whether you go for an enhancement or a reduction, changing your bra size will have a big impact on your overall figure, drawing attention to your waistline and other areas you may want to highlight instead.


If your skin is the problem, there’s a few solution. If it’s consistency of colour and smoothness you’re looking for, there’s two processes in particular – dermabrasion and thread vein removal. Dermabrasion involves lifting off the top layers of skin, showing off new glowing layers with less wrinkles, and a better colour. Thread vein removal is more focused, designed to remove the thin, spider-like veins that come with age. It’s a process that many use on their thighs and calves, but you can also have thread vein removal on your face. Enhancing your skintone and smoothness is an amazing way to make you glowing with beauty.

Finally, there’s the recent trend of hair transplants. If your hairline is receding, or you’ve got a bald patch appearing further back on your head, hair transplants can help you keep a full head of hair for longer. Since balding can add years to your appearance, if you’re not reading to shave your head entirely, these can avoid the problem. Just make sure you get the same colour, or it’s really obvious! If you’re greying as well as losing your hair, a transplant plus a quick dye job can knock years off your appearance, making you look younger and returning you to the looks of your glory days.


Plastic surgery – even procedures as minor as thread vein removal or dermabrasion – should always be discussed with medical professionals and not just be an impulse purchase. This means you’ll know the recovery process in depth, but also means they can work with you to obtain the look you want. As we said, plastic surgery at its best is an enhancement of your beauty rather than a complete overhaul, so spending some time discussing it with your surgeon will ensure you come out of it happy – and looking as good as you hoped.


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