Top Tips for Online Dating

Top Tips for Online DatingOnline dating has dramatically and irreversibly revolutionized how people meet and how relationships begin and develop, and has done so largely for the better.

Gone are the days when random – often drunken – meetings in pubs and at weddings were the main venues for singles to meet and relationships to start. Now love, or a shot at it at least, is but a mere few clicks away…

OK, so perhaps it’s not quite as easy as dating sites might claim, but online dating is certainly worth a try, and the tips below might help to increase your chances of success…

1. Choose an honest and flattering photo for your profile.

It makes sense that you’ll want to select a profile picture that shows you at your best, but you need to bear in mind that if things progress well the next logical step will be to meet up in person, so you simply must choose a photo that really does look like you.

This piece of advice may sound like common sense but a frequent mistake lots of people make is to use a photo from years ago that doesn’t really resemble them no, so a recent photo is definitely the right choice.

2. Give the whole thing time to work.

Although you may have found someone online you find attractive and who has similar hobbies and interests to you doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a perfect and instant match. As with meeting someone in “real life”, it takes time to find someone you can have a meaningful and genuine relationship with so it may be necessary for you to virtually kiss a few frogs before you get to your prince.

3. Try not to stress too much about constructing your messages.

Again, it’s normal and natural to want to convey a positive impression of yourself when you first hat to someone you like, so it’s natural to spend a bit of time writing the messages before you send to them.

Sending that first message can be hard because you want to make a good impression. Start by thinking about the reason for you to approach that person. Did you like their profile picture, or did you read some remarkable fact in their bio? The reason you need to find out is to increase your chance of having a lasting conversation. If you need any more tips on getting that conversation going, check this article about conversation starters.

What isn’t natural is struggling to construct every sentence and trying too hard to write what you’re guessing they want to receive. At the end of the day, you are who you are, and if they appreciate that then great, but if not, it’s not likely they’re the right person for you anyway.

4. Seek help from your friends and family.

Many people find it hard to put together their dating profiles because they’re either modest or shy, or maybe even suffer from self-esteem issues that stop them shouting about their qualities. If you’re finding it tough to list your traits you could try asking your loved ones to help you out! This trick may help you to identify and appreciate your best characteristics and could even give you the confidence you need to sell yourself.

5. Take a risk and make the first move!

This may be an uber-terrifying idea to most but, thankfully, it’s a less scary concept doing this online than in person! When you come across a person you may like it’s absolutely worth getting in touch with them. Considering there are thousands of people accessing online dating sites these days there’s a really high chance the person you’re interested in may not have found your profile. Don’t allow your fear to cause you to run the risk of losing out on true love!

Put it this way: if they don’t like you from your profile and photo, they can only ignore your message and, put into perspective, that’s hardly the worst thing in this world that could happen!

This post was written by Becky Stretton, author of the parenting blog, Green Duo. Visit her blog to read all about Becky, her husband Steve, their new baby daughter Phoebe-Rae and all their adventures in their green, eco-friendly household.

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