Lingering Looks – 5 Tips For Avoiding Outdated Style Choices


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Keeping current when it comes to fashions latest trends and must have items isn’t always easy. What is considered ‘fashionable’ is constantly changing, making it hard to stay with the times. Designers, popular brands and fashion icons are always reinventing what it means to be stylish and all we can do is try to duplicate their vision.

Whilst some may be fortunate enough to have hours reading up on the next big thing in the fashion world, or enlist the help of a personal shopper to make fashion choices simple, many of us require a more cost and time effective way of staying chic and stylish. Below are 5 apps that help you avoid outdated style choices by either allowing you to duplicate your favourite fashion icons style, purchasing items from an array of stores with one click or by having a plethora of inspiration images at your fingertips.

  1. Pose

Pose is almost like Instagram’s fashionable sister.

It allows its users to quickly and easily share their most fashionable ensembles with others and receive likes or comments on their favourite outfits. Much like Instagram, Pose lets you like or comment on other users posts and gain much-needed style inspiration. The great thing about this application is that it is so easy to use and allows even novice fashionistas to share their most loved outfit choices and connect with others about their individual style.

  1. Keep Shopping

This easy to use application allows you to have all of your wish list items from across the net in one place. Keep shopping lets you browse items from various stores, add them to one basket and buy multiple items all at once. Either search for specific items or get inspiration on your next purchase from items that are trending on the app.

  1. The Hunt

Have you ever noticed someone’s clothing and want to know where you can go and buy it?

If so, ‘The Hunt’ may be the perfect app to add to your collection. This app allows users to post a photo of an item they want, either from a photo in a magazine or perhaps on someone you walk past on the high-street. Other users will then hunt the item down and tell you where to find it.

This app is also great for those who always require a second opinion on what to wear. Simply post a photo of what you may have in mind for your next big event or job interview and ask the masses what they think of it. You can also help other users who are having the same dilemma. What’s more, if you help another user find the perfect outfit for their chosen occasion you could gain expertise points.

  1. Mallzee

This fashion app has been described by some of its users as Tinder for clothing.

Mallzee enables users to search general types of clothing or brands they like and will then show you dozens of images. Simply swipe left if you don’t like what you see and swipe right if you do. Each image shown has information about the item such as the store it came from and the price.

You can tap on an item that you may be interested in to gain more information, see additional images and even buy it directly through the app if you so wish. Everything you swipe right gets saved into a folder allowing you to look through your options before committing to buy. Shopping has never been so simple!

  1. Stylect

This nifty application is for the shoe lovers out there.

Stylect has a catalogue of over 300,00 styles and suggests items to you based on your favourite brands. The application also has a swipe feature similar to tinder which helps you to create a wishlist of every shoe could ever want or need. Much like Mallzee users are able to get information on styles they like as well as buy shoes directly through the app.

Hopefully, the above apps should make keeping your fashion choices current easier than ever.

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