Love Rocks – 3 Perfect Jewellery Choices for Valentine’s Day


If you are searching for the perfect gift for the love of your life this Valentine’s Day, here’s a universal truth: you can’t go wrong with fine jewellery.

But rather than choosing a gold necklace or silver bracelet simply by way of impulse and budget, how about making a more informed, meaningful decision that truly says ‘I love you’?

Every gemstone is unique and beautiful in its own right, of course, but perhaps there is more to a stone than its mere mineral composition? That was certainly the belief of ancient civilisations all over the world. Go back thousands of years to Egypt and Persia, India and South America, Greece and Rome, and find precious stones revered and worshipped for their extraordinary qualities and mythical powers.

We’ve delved into the history and mystical background of three of the most precious love stones to discover their fascinating powers.


The beautiful green emerald is known as the ‘stone of successful love’.

Highly prized since antiquity, especially in South America, India and Egypt, the characteristic vivid green colour of an emerald gemstone can range from yellow-green to blue-green – the greater the stone’s transparency and the more verdant green its colour, the more valuable it is. A number of inclusions (or surface imperfections) may or may not be present.

Emeralds are commercially mined in all five continents around the world, with by far the largest deposits found in Colombia, followed by Zambia.

The emerald is the classic stone of love and romance, and is said to encourage passion and domestic bliss with unconditional love. In ancient Rome, green was the colour of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. It is also said that emeralds bring balance to relationships and friendships, and can be used to heal heartbreak.

If you have chosen the allure of emerald as a basis for your Valentine’s gift, congratulations – you have exquisite taste. Whether you opt for drop-dead gorgeous gold emerald earrings or a platinum set emerald and diamond ring, your Valentine is sure to feel your heartfelt, unconditional love.

Lapis Lazuli

Coveted since ancient times as a holy stone with magical powers, particularly in the Middle East, Lapis Lazuli (literally ‘blue stone’ from Latin and Arabic/Persian) is a rock composed of lazurite, calcite and pyrite. Its striking, intense blue colour can vary from a greenish hue to violet to midnight blue, depending on the exact mineral composition. The higher the lazurite (blue) content, the more prized the stone is, although a moderate sprinkling of gold pyrite flecks is also considered desirable.

Lapis mostly comes from Afghanistan where the finest quality has been mined for 6,000 years. Other major commercial deposits are found in the Chilean Andes and near Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Lapis lazuli is said to have powerful spiritual properties, imparting mental clarity and inner strength to the wearer of lapis jewellery. It is the stone of truth and friendship, promoting harmony in relationships and enhancing fidelity within marriage.

Giving lapis lazuli jewellery this Valentine’s Day sends a powerful message to the lady in your life. Whether set in a dainty 9ct gold bracelet or an 18ct white gold dress ring, your gift of lapis jewellery is straight from the heart, and for keeps.


A precious stone with a magnificent red colour, ruby is considered the undisputed king of all gemstones by the Bible and ancient Sanskrit writings. Revered throughout many ancient cultures, it is the stone of passion, protection and prosperity.

A variety of the mineral corundum, rubies get their distinctive blood-red colour from the presence of chromium, making them one of the rarest and most coveted gemstones on Earth. Interestingly, all other (non-red) corundums are called sapphires, and they come in a range of lesser known colours in addition to sapphire blue. But that’s another story…

Burma (Myanmar) was the main location for ruby mines for many centuries, but these days the stone is mined in many other countries, including Greenland, Macedonia and Mozambique.

Red rubies have many powerful associations: love, passion, power, fire, life. Like no other stone on Earth, a ruby is the perfect symbol for intense emotion. What’s more, it is also known as a stone of courage, enabling the wearer to walk through life fearless of evil or misfortune.

With a wide range of fine gemstone jewellery easily available from online and high street jewellers, including ruby and diamond engagement bands, you won’t find anything more powerful than a ruby to make your loving intentions known this Valentine’s Day.

This article was provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the jewellery industry – working alongside a selection of quality companies including Pruden and Smith, who were consulted over the information contained in this piece.

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