How To Look After Your Rolex


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Rolex watches are well known for their elegance and precision. If you own a Rolex, you’ll want to cherish it always and learn how to take care of it. Here are a few basic tips for maintaining your prized possession.

Wear Your Watch Regularly

Regularly using your Rolex will keep it in perfect running condition. You’ll be able to maintain the viscosity of the lubricants found in the movement. If the watch isn’t used regularly, these lubricants can harden, causing friction in the movement. If you don’t wear the watch regularly, be sure to wind it once a week to keep the gears moving.

Cleaning a Rolex

Timeless Rolex watches from Kalmar Antiques require occasional cleaning and upkeep. There are a few places on the watch that can trap dirt and body oils.

Before You Begin Cleaning:

  • The winding crown should be tightly screwed to the case
  • Wash hands well with soap and water
  • Use lukewarm water to rinse the watch
  • Fill a bowl with water and mild detergent
  • Apply the soapy water to the watch using your hands
  • Gently scrub the watch to clean all the dirt off. You can use an old toothbrush. While scrubbing, you can submerge the watch and toothbrush into the water for short intervals.
  • Once clean, rinse your watch with lukewarm water
  • Use a soft cloth to pat your Rolex dry

Winding Your Rolex

Rolex watches have perpetual movement. This means they can be self-winding. On average, they have a power reserve of 48 hours. If not wound after that time, the watch may stop running and look dead. However, you can manually wind the watch by unscrewing the crown to position 2 and winding it approximately 40 times. When you’re done, screw the crown back down and use your Rolex from Kalmar Antiques online store as normal.

Points to Consider When Winding The Watch

  • Don’t wind the watch while you are wearing it
  • If you find the watch to not be functioning, never shake it
  • Even once you have wound the Rolex, don’t shake it if it doesn’t start working. Try gently rotating your wrist
  • If the watch still won’t start, try leaving it alone for a while to see if it starts on its own
  • Don’t worry too much about over-winding your Rolex, everyone has a built-in protection mechanism that prevents the movement from ever being over-wound.

Waterproof Rolexes

Most Rolexes come with a guaranteed and tested depth of 330 feet. This waterproof feature means that you can shower while wearing your watch, and even swim with it on. But deep water diving should be avoided.

For more demanding aquatic instances, Rolex has actually created two deep-sea models. When diving with these models, always make sure that the winding crown is tightly screwed to the case so to avoid a chance of flooding.

If you decide to choose a non-diver watch, be sure to treat it no more than a moderately water resistant Rolex due to the custom craftsmanship involved in the production. To play it safe, it’s a good idea to just not wear the watch when showering or swimming. The slight amount of water that may splash when washing your hands is absolutely fine.

By treating your watch with care and respect that this superior brand deserves, you are sure to enjoy a timeless classic that looks and functions as a brand new timepiece for decades to come.

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