Is Your Makeup Beach-Ready?


The only ones who can look beautiful and dewy while being on the beach are models, right? Well, guess what, they aren’t. Now, their secrets are finally out. However, you will need to do some work. If you are planning on going to la playa, you have to forget about your everyday makeup routine. Here are the ultimate tips on how to get that beach-appropriate bronzed look while making sure your makeup stays in its place.

Never forget to SPF it

Your sunscreen is your most important product when stepping outside the house, and especially when going to the beach. Before you apply your beach makeup, put on a coat of sunscreen on your face and let it soak in nicely for at least 20 minutes. This is important because then the effectiveness of the sunscreen will be maximized, and the makeup you put over it won’t smear.

Avoid creamy and thick foundation

When the weather is hot and humid, every creamy or greasy product is going to smudge instantly. Just imagine what can happen when, besides all that, you are also near the water. If you really have to have something, mix your foundation with sunscreen and apply it that way.

Use powder-based products, such as translucent powder that combats shine, and stiff concealer brushes for covering your blemishes with pressed powder.

Matte bronzer

Remember that the main function of any makeup product is to enhance your skin color and your natural glow. This is why you should go with a shade of bronzer that looks like your natural tan and has no shimmer in it – shimmer, in this case, can make you look greasy and unnatural. Dust it on your eyelids, above your cheekbones and on the apples of your cheeks. You can also use it on your T-zone – your forehead, bridge of the nose and chin.

Waterproof it

Just because you have makeup on, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to swim a bit or play in the sand, right? This is when waterproof makeup steps in. You can splash, sweat, and play without worrying about your mascara or concealer. Speaking of mascara, the best waterproof mascara is definitely the one from Maybelline – it has an oil-enriched formula that gives you fuller and richer lashes that can stand against anything.

Sun kissed + illuminated

As you already know, after spending a day in the sun, your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and forehead will naturally get quite a glow. However, you can actually enhance that glow by applying some illuminator on those areas. Use it instead of your bronzer for a more natural look, or use them together if you want to amplify the glamorous effect.

Stay away from lip gloss

There is one simple reason for this: in the heat, nothing is going to slide right off faster than lip gloss. Instead of using a lip gloss, opt for a lip stain or matte lipstick. However, lip stains are a much better choice. These are actually long-lasting formulas that will give you a versatile sheer coverage without worrying that the color might fade. Try out some classic colors such as sweet pink or soft orange, or if you are feeling bold, opt for tangerine or grape shades.

If you just want to moisturize without adding any color to your lips, feel free to use a lip balm.

Blotting paper is your best friend

One major rule of applying beach makeup is that you should do it before leaving the house. Also, there is nothing you can, or should do with your makeup if you notice it has faded away after a certain time spent on the beach. Never, ever try to reapply your makeup while on the beach. If you are feeling sweaty (which is normal due to the extremely hot weather) or your makeup feels a little bit clumpy, use blotting paper to dab it all away.

That would be it – the ultimate tips for rocking your beach look. If you have some more, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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