Top Six Packing Tips for Traveling Anywhere



Whether you’re packing for a business trip or extended vacation with the whole family, a little planning can go a long way in alleviating back breaking work and worry.

6. Don’t Lose Power

If traveling abroad, a few minutes of research will save you the hassle of being left without the use of your laptop or portable electrical devices. will clue you in about which electrical outlets you’ll need to pack and what you can leave behind.

If you’re staying Stateside, always pack an electrical strip or surge protector. Many hotel rooms and cruise cabins have only one spare outlet, and that may not be enough to keep you up and running.
Backpacking with flashlights or other battery powered units? Always turn the batteries around while in route. That way, if the device is accidentally turned on while moving about, you won’t drain the batteries.

5. Pack a Mini Steam Iron

If you want to stay looking young and beautiful – and you’re on a website called Beauty Bloggers so I guess you do! – then make sure to pack a mini steam iron. One of these little life savers fits snugly into your suitcase and will let you keep your clothes wrinkle-free, whereever you are in the world. Even more essential if you’re going to a wedding!

4. Make a List and Keep it Short

Creating a trip organizational list will help guide you in what to pack and what to leave at home. Limit each member of the family to only one index card sized list and never pack more than what you can carry. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t make it into the suitcase. Download list ideas and templates in handy Microsoft Excel format directly from Microsoft.

3. Keep Your Address Book Safe

Planning to write home or send postcards from your trip? Pre address stick-on labels for friends and family instead of lugging around your address book. You’ll keep your address book safe at home and have less weight to carry.

2. Split up Your Most Valuable Items

If traveling as a couple, always split your clothing into 2 shared suitcases. If one suitcase gets lost at the airport or stolen in transit, you’ll both still have clothing to wear.

1. Carry a Spare ATM Card

Talk to your bank before leaving town and order a spare ATM card. Most banks do not own the ATM machines that sit in their lobbies, and will be unable to help you if your card gets eaten. A spare card can save the day!

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