Many Great Benefits of Laser Skin Tightening

There is nothing we can do to stop our bodies from getting old. We don’t have any control over time and we especially can’t slow down or reverse the natural signs of ageing, whether it is sagging of the skin around your arms, chin, neck or face in general. Sure, you could try one of the many topical creams on the market, but how many of them actually produce positive results?

You may wonder if there is any way to reduce those signs of ageing? Well, with laser skin tightening there is.

At Snowberry Lane clinic, you can receive skin treatments to tighten skin, like laser among others, around your face, on your back, neck and other parts of your body. Is it really worth it though? To help you decide for yourself we are going to discuss some of the benefits of this procedure in the following post.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Probably one of the most important benefits of this kind of treatment for loose and sagging skin is the fact that it is non-surgical. This means you do not have to cope with painful incisions or uncomfortable injections. The pulses of laser are designed to specifically target the deepest layers of your skin and have a cooling effect. The heat encourages and stimulates the production and regeneration of collagen which gives your skin a tighter and more youthful structure and look.

Little to No Discomfort

Unlike many other treatments, the only bit of discomfort you are likely to feel during a laser skin tightening is redness around the area where your skin has been treated. This is because the laser pulses penetrate into the upper layers while stimulating and heating the collagen beneath the surface. However, after that, you should not experience any pain or irritation.

Improvements That Offer Immediate and Long-lasting Effects

Some procedures in modern cosmetic surgery take some time to become noticeable. Some you need to wait until the swelling has eased. With laser skin tightening though, the effects are noticeable immediately. Once the production of collagen has been kickstarted, you will improvements in your skin after the procedure and moving forward, each day you check out your youthful features in the mirror. The effects also last for a very long time.

No Downtime or Disruption to Your Life

As we all lead busy lives, it can really disrupt our schedules when we have to do something a bit different, especially something involving medical or cosmetic surgery procedures. However, compared to other more invasive and involved treatments, laser skin tightening is one that does not require any downtime afterwards. Although the treated area is likely to feel a little warm and look a little red, these effects last for a relatively short amount of time.

You won’t need to take any time off work and will be able to go about your everyday business like nothing was different. It is unlikely that there are going to be any adverse effects noticeable.

In fact, you should expect a few more compliments throughout the course of your working day and week, though.

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