Best Cuerpa Products

You sure must have heard of Cuerpa- one of the skincare brands topping the list of up-and-coming brands, today. Established for every skin type, particularly sensitive ones, this worldwide brand is making waves with its all natural formulas and products.

Well, if you have not so much as heard about the brand nor come across its products, then this piece is for you. All products of Cuerpa skincare brand are great in themselves. With natural ingredients especially beneficial to the skin, one can hardly ignore the feel. There are however some, that seem just exceptional- not only in content but also in effects.

So lovelies, here’s to reveal the best of Cuerpa products.


  • Neroli balancing toner: Toners have always come in different packages. While some are excellent cleansers, others help to control acne. Only few, alongside cleansing and control, carry out the function of balancing the skin’s pH level. One of those few? Neroli.


  • Venus ultra-hydrating body oil: Light-weight and rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, venus ultra-hydrating body oil provides the skin with luxury. It’s effect on the skin is a combination of hydration, glow and balance. Ven-Us, even more
  • Terre Bleue balancing facial oil: A balancing facial oil? Yes, you read that correctly. Of the three facial oils of Cuerpa, this is particularly for reducing blemishes and it does so evenly.



  • Soleil du Désert anti-aging facial oil: Who wouldn’t love? With the increasing stress in our daily activities, we all are prone to battle external signs of aging. Well, this bottle of ultra exotic blend seals it. With its bakuchiol oil content, soleil du désert fights signs of anti-aging, while still retaining skin elasticity.
  • Rose Blanche exfoliating body polish: Oh! the beauty of body polishing. Exfoliating and cleansing in one dose. The therapeutic effects of this product amongst many others, makes it stand out. Asides reducing dryness, cleansing etc, rose blanche revitalize the skin leaving it amazingly soft. This is as a result of its high vitamin and antioxidant content.

These five products are just as important in any skincare regimen and so the next time you go shopping for your skincare, take the pleasure of including one of them in the list. There’s no skincare without them, really.

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