Masquerade Ball Proms – how to perfectly match up the vivid colors of your dress with your mask

The masquerade ball was once specific to the carnival season of the 15th century. It involved wearing opulent, allegorical costumes and it welcomed people of all ranks. Because these balls came with masks, nobody could tell who was hiding underneath. This unique feature allowed attendees to have fun without being judged the next day. Nowadays, the masquerade ball is not longer about wearing ridiculous costumes. On the contrary, the more luxurious the outfit (and the mask) the better chances the wearer has to grab attention and make an impression.


Matching your dress with your masquerade mask

One of the easiest ways of making an impression at a masquerade ball is to wear the most extravagant and interesting dress. There are many styles you can opt for. If you want to look and feel like a princess, then you should wear a long gown. Generally speaking, long dresses add drama to a look and it gives the woman wearing it a royal-like appeal. To complete your outfit, it’s important that you wear an equally enticing mask.

Princes-like dresses with a lot of volume at the bottom work beautifully with famous Venetian masks such as the Colombina or Volto. These are striking disguises that will surely make your whole look seem innovative and out of the ordinary. The Colombina covers the eyes and the nose, but it leaves the mouth area uncovered. It’s an excellent chance to wear bold lipstick, maybe in the same color as your dress.

The Volto mask on the other hand, is extremely mysterious. It covers the whole face, so it will be impossible for someone to recognize the wearer. If you’re attending a luxurious ball or formal event and you’d like to dazzle the audience, pairing a beautiful night gown with a Volto mask is an excellent idea.


Mix & match vivid colors

Masquerade balls are all about showing off opulent, interesting, and revolutionary costumes. These events are now organized worldwide on New Year’s Eve, Christmas, birthday parties and on numerous other occasions. Both women and men should find a way to mix and match their outfits with their masks. Whether you’re wearing the Bauta, the Plague Doctor mask or the Morreta, don’t forget that it takes more than a disguise to draw attention.

Your costume should be vividly colored, too. Women wearing dresses should get inspired from famous names in history like Marie Antoinette, Audrey Hepburn, and Queen Victoria, who were not just beautiful; they were fashion icons, and they had the nerve to stand out through their original style. That being said, your masquerade outfit should look complete and impeccably balanced.

If you’re wearing black & purple, then your mask should have the exact same colors. Mixing and matching is a great way of merging your outfit with your mask. Of course, you can always be different. Go for a reinterpretation of the Black Swan costume – pick a black dress and pair with a boldly looking yellow mask with lots of feathers. That should turn some heads around.


Look like a goddess with the most striking masquerade masks

Masquerade masks are without a doubt striking, and we must admit that some are genuine works of art. Back in the 16th and 17th century, those who made these masks had a very important role in society. Praised for their talent, mask makers had the ability of crafting the most perfect disguises. There was a story behind every mask made, and although things have changed a lot over time, in Venice there are still highly respected mask makers whose masterpieces may cost thousands of dollars.

If you’re having troubles deciding on a masquerade dress for a ball, you might want to try out some really cool tricks. First of all, it’s best to go with a long gown; second, make sure there’s balance between the color of the mask and the color of the dress. For example, if you’re wearing black you can afford to play with color and select a really colorful masquerade mask. Always think outside the box when choosing your attire, and don’t forget that only the most striking dresses and the finest masquerade masks will manage to draw the crowd’s attention.




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