Make Your Own Beauty Products With These Items From Your Kitchen Cupboards

When you’re trying to avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin, organic beauty products are great. But sometimes you want something completely natural, and that’s where using food comes in. Instead of eating everything in your cupboards, save some of it for your beauty regime. Some foods contain great naturally-occurring products that are great for your skin and body. Using everyday foods as beauty products can save you money too. It doesn’t cost much to whip up your own face mask or body scrub. Try these beauty uses for food, from cleansers to weight loss aids.

Clean Your Face

There are lots of different foods you can use for homemade face washes and masks. Use leftover egg whites to make a face mask. Beat an egg white until it’s smooth, apply it to your face, leave to dry and wash it off. If your skin needs soothing, try an oatmeal face wash to reduce redness. Mix oatmeal, lemon juice and honey in equal parts for a face mask that will calm your skin.

Scrub Your Face

To clear your pores or get smoother skin, make yourself a homemade face scrub. Honey and brown sugar makes a great scrub that doubles up as a body scrub. You can also mix sugar with lemon juice for an invigorating scrub. If you really need a wake up, use your leftover coffee grounds to make a scrub that will revive you.

Hair Products

You can give your hair a good clean with vinegar. Use a cheap, light vinegar, such as cider vinegar or white wine vinegar. It will help to get rid of any built up residue from your conditioner and help to give you silky and shiny hair. You can also use lemon juice on your hair to lighten it. It’s not much of a secret, as people have been doing it for a long time, but it’s worth remembering.

Lose Weight

Some foods might be able to help you lose weight. For example, pure garcinia cambogia extract is currently popular. Fruits that could have weight loss properties include pomegranates, grapefruits, avocados and strawberries. If you just want to stop being so hungry all the time, fill up on fruit with a high water content. You’ll feel fuller without taking in too many calories. And even if these fruits don’t help you lose weight, they have lots of other health benefits.

Wake Up Your Eyes

If you have tired eyes, don’t immediately start cutting up a cucumber. Putting tea bags on your eyes could be better for those bags under your eyes. Brew some black tea bags and put them on your eyes once they’re cool. The tannins in the tea could really help your eyes to perk up.


George Grinsted

Before you use any of these beauty treatments on your skin, make sure you test it on a little patch first. Some things, like lemon juice, are best avoided if you have sensitive skin. You don’t want to apply a new face mask and wash it off to reveal a shiny, red face!

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