Minimalist Handmade Jewelry from Top Rated Sellers on Etsy

Are you someone who likes to wear jewelry that is beautiful and stylish but not over the top? Perhaps you prefer discreet nose hoops to those that are outlandish and full on? If so, we’ve found a great store for you Etsy.

Benittamoko is a top rated store offering a great range of quality jewelry including ear climbers, fake piercings and many more innovative and attractive items in a range of styles. This is the place to go for the best jewelry at the right prices, and with more choice than you could imagine.

The store is beautifully presented with excellent images that show many items as worn, and the detail of the designs is quite superb. You want to know more? We’re here to tell you all we can, so read on!

Beautiful and Understated

The emphasis is on delicate design, discreet piercings and many of the items do not actually need a piercing to wear. The fake ear and cartilage cuffs are favourites of ours, clipping onto the ear and looking brilliant in bright gold when worn.

We also love the opal ear studs in different colours, while a full range of delicate drop earrings with different shapes will appeal to those with more traditional tastes. Every item is top quality, and this is why Benittamoko rates highly among Etsy jewelry stores.

From highly original open hoop earrings in silver to 14k thin gold hoops that are simple and yet timelessly stylish there is something for everything in the store, and it’s easy to browse and shop with a safe and secure payment portal.

Fake Piercings and Ear Climbers

Particularly interesting are the many fake piercings, these removing the need to have an actual piercing performed. Fake nose rings come in a choice of shapes and sizes, beautiful hoop earrings can be everything from tiny to large, and the tiny leaf motif earrings are just beautiful to behold.

You’ll love the choice of septum rings, cartilage rings and stud earrings and we are very fond of the unique ear climber jewelry, which offers an entirely new take on the earring theme. This carefully curated selection of quality jewelry in gold and gold-look metal is designed to appeal across the ages and to all tastes, and does so thanks to a varied choice of styles and ranges.

Great Prices

With a choice of thick hoop earrings, conch earrings, huggie hoops and many more styles that are in vogue and won’t fade with time, Benittamoko is catering for a market that wants different, classy jewelry at great prices, with free delivery in the UK being an added bonus. We can’t think of an outlet on Etsy or elsewhere offering a range as diverse and inviting as this.

If you’re not into bold and brash this is the place to go for the tiniest of nose rings, discreet and very pretty earrings, and studs that are just sublime. Check out Benittamoko now, you won’t be disappointed.

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