What Are Non Surgical Face Lifts?



How to look great without going under the knife

The CACI non surgical face lift offers a painless, non-invasive treatment option for people who want to look younger without going under the knife.

In our increasingly visual culture, we all want to look our best and slow down, or even reverse, the ageing process. In the past this has meant going under the knife, but in recent years the number of people opting for plastic surgery has fallen, with many opting for the non-surgical alternatives that have sprung up to take its place.

Non-surgical treatments come in many forms, with the most popular treatments including chemical peels, lip and cheek fillers and, of course, Botox. However, non-surgical beauty is a constantly evolving field and there are always new treatments entering the marketplace.

CACI non-surgical facelift

One of the latest treatments currently taking the beauty world by storm is the CACI Non Surgical Face Lift, which has a host of celebrity fans, including Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone and Christie Brinkley.

So, what is CACI? CACI,or Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument to give it its full name, uses micro-electrical currents to stimulate and consequently tighten the muscles in your face. The current is applied by a qualified practitioner using cotton-covered prongs, and the treatment can last anywhere between 30 and 120 minutes, depending on the areas being targeted. The idea behind CACI is that the electric current ‘persuades’ and ‘trains’ the facial muscles to hold themselves in a better position, making your face look and feel firmer. Additional benefits can also include improved circulation and a brighter complexion, as well as an increase in the production of collagen and elastin.

For optimal results, the CACI treatment is often combined with other treatments such as microdermabrasion, wrinkle comb therapy, light therapy, and silicone face masks.

Does it work?

The growing popularity and celebrity endorsement of CACI is testament to the efficacy of this non-surgical procedure. Having said that, the final results depend on a number of factors. For example, someone in their 20s or early 30s with only slight signs of ageing are likely to see a more subtle improvement than an older person with more obvious problem areas, who will see a more noticeable end result. The number of treatments you undergo also makes a difference. Experts recommend that in order to see significant and long-lasting improvements, you need to undergo a course of ten treatments, with additional top-ups every couple of months.

Who can benefit?

Non-surgical facelifts are a great option for those who want to see a real improvement in their appearance without having to go under the knife. In particular, they work really well for people of all ages who are starting to see signs of ageing in their face, such as the development of jowls, frown lines, hollows under the eyes, sagging cheeks, blotchy skin or age spots, and grooves around the mouth. Most of these symptoms can be easily treated through non-surgical means, avoiding the need for plastic surgery.

Non-surgical treatments are also a great option if you’re pushed for time, as they tend to be very quick to perform with little recovery time – and many can even be performed during your lunch break!

Unlike many other non-surgical treatments, CACI is non-invasive with no use of lasers or needles. And this, combined with its relatively quick treatment time and visible results, make it a great choice for those who want a low-risk yet effective option that helps create a firmer, more youthful appearance.

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