The Nutritional Advantage of Wild-Crafted Essential Oils

Why you need to add Wild-Crafted Essential Oils to your diet

Wild-Crafted Essential oils are oils harvested from plants that grow naturally in the wild. These plants are wild crafted by indigenous people or by companies that produce wild-crafted essential oils, fruits, and herbs. Even though these plants are in high demand, no one fertilizes them or adds pesticides to enhance their growth. They grow under the natural sun, rain and are eaten by wild bacteria and plants. When a plant is identified to be of use, it is propagated to add more of the species to the wild. Wild essential oils have for long been of benefit to communities around the world. They are used in cooking, dressing salads, making tasty desserts, aromatherapy, skin treatments and many other treatment purposes. Indigenous communities also earn a living from them by wild picking the plants and selling them to bigger companies.

Most of these oils are sourced from several countries around the world. Some of the traditional wild crafted plants include Eucalyptus Citriodora got from Madagascar, black spruce from Canada, Juniper Alpine wild crafted from France Juniper from Croatia and several others such as Balsam Fir, sage, and sandalwood among others.

Here are the significant nutritional advantages of wild-crafted essential oils.

They give you the right essential fatty acids

Although many times Doctors ask patients of certain complicated diseases to stay away from consuming oils, there is a certain amount of oil that is needed for the body to function well. Oil is necessary for providing essential fatty acids. The problem with processed oils is that when over consumed they pass on high cholesterol levels in the blood stream and also increase calories. Organic essential oils do not increase cholesterol levels. Instead, they are a major source of vitamin E. The oil these plants provide is similar to that obtained from vegetable and nut oils. No matter how much of them you consume, they don’t harm your body but instead nourish the body system further.

Essential fatty acids help in aiding proper digestion. They also fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and depression.

They do not contain harmful pesticides and therefore give all the nutrients in a plant

The body is the best natural running system there is on earth. It can sense danger by sending messages through the nervous system and alert other body systems of a foreign attack to the body. Even after a person hasn’t acted by the warnings of the body and still went ahead and ate something wrong, the body can heal itself. Although pesticides make a plant grow fast, they are harmful for human consumption. Pesticides don’t end in the garden; they sink deep into a growing plant and get harvested along with the plant. When you consume organic essential oils they add strain to the digestive organs to process the fertilizers that come within the plant, something foreign that the body is not used to. On the other hand, wild essential oils are produced from wild plants that do not contain any fertilizers or pesticides. They come from plants that are naturally organic and therefore contain all the essential plant healing components.

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